Disadvantages and advantages of thick hair

Disadvantages and advantages of thick hair
Thick straight hair, the so-called "Asian type" – is a pipe dream of a huge number of women. How beautiful such hair glistens in the sun, what a luxurious wave they fall on the shoulders of their owner! But are the girls with this type of hair happy with their head of hair unconditionally? Thick, strong and thick hair – this is the envy of millions of representatives of the weaker sex, who are not very lucky with the hair. But, as you know, a woman is rarely satisfied with what she got from nature. Not every haircut is good for thick hair and not every carefully crafted stylist hairstyle will last for more than a couple of hours.

В чем заключаются преимущества толстых волос?

Thick hair gets excellent nutrition, which is why they have such expressive structure. The roots of thick hair, as a rule, are very healthy and strong, and the owners of such hair rarely encounter the problem of their hair loss. Hair of this type has a natural sheen, for the appearance of which you do not need to use special gel-gloss.

Очень эффектно на толстых волосах выглядят всевозможные геометрические стрижки: скошенные виски, асимметричная челка, «рваное» каре и тому подобное. Кроме этого, обладательницы волос такого типа могут разнообразить свой стиль различными косами и хвостиками. Немаловажно, что на толстых волосах не остается заломов от резинок и заколок, что очень удобно, когда нужно их распустить.

What are the disadvantages of thick hair?

Most often, thick hair is straight, and it is not easy to make curls out of them, especially in domestic conditions. Even if you generously treat your hair with varnish or foam and achieve the desired waviness, then after a while they straighten out under their own weight.

Кстати, о тяжести. Такая прическа, как длинные распущенные волосы, потрясающе эффектно смотрится на девушках с толстыми волосами. Но чем длиннее шевелюра, тем более тяжелый груз приходится выдерживать голове и шее красавицы. Девушка может не осознавать напряжения до тех пор, пока не обрежет волосы.

Whatever it was, thick hair is a real gift of nature, which must be treated carefully.

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