Determine the cause of pain of the roots of hair

Determine the cause of pain of the roots of hair
Pain in the radical zone of the hair is familiar to many. Most often from her suffer lovers of tight hairstyles. However, this unpleasant feeling can hide other causes, not related to mechanical stress on hair follicles. Pain near the roots of the hair means that the nerve endings located in the scalp react to external or internal stress on the hair follicles. There are several reasons for this. And the very first of them – the movement of hair with elastic bands, hairpins or hairpins, in which the radical circulation is disturbed.

Tight hairstyles have an extremely negative effect on the condition of the hair, so it is recommended to do this more often than 2-3 times a week, otherwise you may encounter a hair loss problem. The same unpleasant sensations can arise in the event that you have changed the parting. The fact is that the hair gets used to the new position and to the changed direction of growth not immediately, reacting to the changes with pain. These sensations quickly pass away, and you can help yourself with an easy massage of the head.

Pain near the roots of the hair is a symptom that requires a trichologist and neuropathologist to undergo examinations for skin or nervous system diseases.

Специалисты уверены, что постоянная боль в прикорневой зоне свидетельствует о неправильном уходе за волосами и кожей головы. Это своеобразная аллергическая реакция на компоненты неподходящего вам шампуня, бальзама-ополаскивателя или маски. Если боль появилась после приобретения нового средства для волос, откажитесь от его использования.

A great role is played also by materials from which the brush for hair is made. It is recommended to use natural hair brushes. It is very useful for owners of sensitive scalp, dry and brittle hair with split ends. In addition, natural fibers, unlike synthetic fibers, do not electrify the hair. In such combs, the bristles tend to be very dense, and this helps smoothly comb the hair into the hair, leaving no cocks, creating a volume on curly hair, or doing napping without damaging the hair structure. Natural bristles are ideal for the care of the scalp and the hair of a child.

Обладательницы сухой кожи головы часто страдают от боли у корней волос. Для ухода за волосами вам требуются специальные увлажняющие средства, так как многие универсальные шампуни и бальзамы, наоборот, подсушивают кожу, вызывая ее стягивание. Нервные окончания реагируют на сморщивание кожи, и возникает боль. Регулярно используйте отшелушивающие и увлажняющие средства для волос и специальные скрабы для кожи головы, которые мягко очищают ее от образовавшихся корочек.

It is noticed that the pain at the roots of the hair can be an individual reaction to stress. Take a sedative, rub the whiskey and do a light head massage to restore blood circulation.

Another cause of pain in the hair root zone is a disruption of the vascular system. With such diseases as vegetative dystonia, there is a regular spasm of capillaries and arteries, which are in large numbers located, including in the scalp. In the cold season, the vessels spasmodic even more often, since low temperatures interfere with normal blood circulation in the area of ??the hair follicles, causing pain. Avoid hypothermia of the scalp, using headdresses.

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