Damage to hair extensions

Damage to hair extensions
Currently, the hair extension service is very relevant, because everyone wants to look beautiful. And you can miraculously quickly change the image beyond recognition. But around the procedure of building so many legends and myths. The opinions of people are very contradictory. Someone likes this procedure, but someone, having a rather sad experience, categorically assures that the buildup causes irreparable damage to the hair. Specialists will help to understand – the buildup is really capable of causing harm to the health of magnificent head of hair? The procedure for hair extensions can spoil your hair if you do not approach it correctly. Real strands can begin to fall out with artificial ones. Incorrectly executed and selected technology of building up, illiterate strips removed, use of substandard hair will undoubtedly lead to deterioration of the state of natural hair.

В настоящее время много мастеров предлагают выполнить на дому процедуру наращивания волос. Это на различных форумах и в социальных сетях весьма распространенное явление. Молодые девушки, многие из которых не проходили никакого специального обучения, предлагают услуги практически даром. И результат домашнего наращивания может быть непредсказуем, вряд ли потом мастер-самоучка свои же ошибки сможет исправить.

Many cases, when girls turned to beauty salons all in tears after unsuccessful build-ups, to correct the damage that was inflicted on their hair. It is worthwhile to say how much time, money and energy is spent on correcting mistakes.

If the master builds up the technology, but uses poor quality locks, they will get confused after the first washing of the head and begin to fall out.

After the procedure of building up, poor hair care is also capable of causing harm. If you do not braid curls and went to bed – you can greatly confuse them and cause mechanical damages to the hair. If you wash your head wrong, tipping it back – the load on the hair roots increases, and this can lead to loss. All these nuances an experienced specialist you should explain. And also to recommend means for the care of such hair, which will help for many months to preserve the appearance of ringlets. Pay special attention to the tips, artificial curls do not feed naturally.

To prevent harm from the hair extension procedure, apply exclusively to well-trained professionals who have extensive experience with this service. Do not experiment on the health of your own hair!

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