Cutting cascade: technique, rules, features

Cutting cascade: technique, rules, features
Grooming cascades is popular for more than one season in a row. Thanks to her, not even a very thick head of hair will appear lush. In order for the haircut to be successful, it is important to observe certain rules and technology when performing it. If a woman is not sure which haircut she would prefer, it might be better for her to stop на каскаде. This hairstyle does not actually go out of fashion. In addition, it is universal and suitable for women of any age and with different types of face.

The huge plus of cascading haircut is that thanks to her even a very thick head of hair will look bigger than in reality. This effect is achieved due to the peculiarities of the haircut itself. In her, the upper strands of hair are slightly shorter than the bottom.

Стрижка каскад появилась в эпоху панка и объемных причесок – в конце 70-х-начале 80-х. Возродившись в девяностые (во многом благодаря Дженнифер Энистон), она с тех пор не утрачивает актуальности и лишь обретает новые модификации.

Since its inception over three decades ago, the cascade has undergone some external changes. In those years, this haircuts graduation was expressed very clearly, the difference in the length of the neighboring strands was clear.

Now the technique of cascading haircuts provides for soft lines. Now the strands are not sheared with steps, as in the eighties or even in the nineties, but form gentle curves with smooth transitions. A similar hairstyle requires the hairdresser certain skill.

Строгих правил в плане длины такой стрижки нет. Однако важно тут ориентироваться не только на собственные предпочтения, но и на форму своего лица. Так, если оно худое и вытянутое, стоит предпочесть классический каскад длиной чуть ниже скул. Впрочем, можно сделать его и покороче. Главное – прикрыть уши, благодаря чему лицо визуально станет шире.

Chubby lady is best to stop on a long cascading haircut. And in this case it is not so important how straight hair from nature. An elongated haircut of this type looks great even on twisted strands.

Cascade is contraindicated in women with African hair. They do not need an extra volume attached to the hair with such a haircut.

However, regardless of the chosen length, the technology of cascade execution is approximately the same. Washed, combed and slightly dried hair is divided into zones – parietal, temporal-lateral and middle occipital. Hair in each of them is temporarily fastened with hairpins or elastic bands.

Work begins with the parietal zone. In it, the control strand on the vertex is highlighted, straightened and trimmed to the desired length (for the average cascade it is 5-7 centimeters). Alternately to it it is necessary to comb out all the parietal hair and to appropriately cut them at its level. The control strand should be kept perpendicular to the head.

Hair in the middle and lateral occipital region is similarly cut. In the region of the temples, the haircut must be made somewhat differently. For this patch of hair, the control strand will be approximately from the middle of the parietal region, closer to the forehead.

To perform the fringing, you need to draw a hair from one ear to the other and comb out the hair from the front part to the forehead. The cut is performed in the form of a half-opened horseshoe, and, if the hair is thin, it is not done in a tricky manner, but in one fell swoop. Remains edging the entire haircut. For this, it is necessary to comb the hair simply in the direction of their growth and smoothly cut their tips from the middle of the neck to the temples in the form of a smooth line.

In conclusion, we need to check how successful the cascade was. Hair is combed over the entire volume and eliminates the defects of a special haircut out of thinning a razor. Define should be adjacent to the face strands. At the end of this painstaking work, you need to pack your hair.

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