Creation of an original hairstyle according to the pattern of weaving a spikelet

Creation of an original hairstyle according to the pattern of weaving a spikelet
Spike is a variant of a braid that can be performed on medium and long hair. The type of hair does not matter. Technique of weaving spikelet rather simple, and on its basis you can create different hairstyles.

Scheme of weaving a spikelet

The most important thing when weaving a spike – do not mix the strands, otherwise the braid will not work. To make your hair look neat, hold the locks tightly with your fingers and do not let them crumble. So, first take a small strand on the vertex and separate it from the rest of the hair. You can treat strands of mousse or foam if the hair is very fluffy.

If you do not have packings, moisten hair with ordinary water, and they will be more docile. Then divide the strand into two small strands and cross them among themselves. Right strand lead to the left, and left – to the right. One strand will be under the other. Now, with your left hand, grab the strand from the left side of the head and attach it to the bottom strand. In exactly the same way, attach the strand to the right side of the head. Then lead this strand to the left side, attaching to the left strand. Now you can perform the weave from the beginning of the scheme: all actions are similar.

During the weaving try to take strands as thin as possible, then the braid will look neater. However, all strands must be the same. To create a hairstyle based on the spikelet, practice braiding the braid several times to practice the technique. Spike looks spectacular on streaked and colored hair.

Variants of hairstyles based on spikelet

The pattern of weaving a spike is always the same. But the directions of weaving can be different. For example, let the braid from the crown on the diagonal. At the base of the neck you can fix the ear with a beautiful rubber band or continue the weaving. In the second case, the braid will lie on its side.

If you have curly or wavy hair, tuck the spikelets from the nape down, and at the base of the neck, fix the braid with a hair clip. Remain the remaining hair curling or curlers and dissolve. The tail should be lush and bulky.

If you have enough skill, twist the top of the head with two spikelets: on the left and right side. At the base of the neck, you can dissolve two beautiful tails or continue the weaving to the end.

If you do not want a braided braid hanging on your back, twirl it around in a circle and lift it on your head. There, fix the braid with hairpins and invisible so that an elegant knob turns out. You can put on a beautiful rubber band, a mesh or decorate it with a flower.

The braid, lying freely on your back, bend twice, and the tip under the hair at the neck. On this place put on a hairpin or an elastic band. You will get an original loop from the braid.

A very interesting hairstyle can be created if the braid of spikelets, starting from the forehead and descending lower on the right or left side. It is enough to take only half of the hair for the braid. And those that remain, you need to wave beautifully and lay.

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