Create a solid perfume yourself

Create a solid perfume yourself
Solid perfumes are made on the basis of wax and oils, so they are less concentrated than perfume in liquid form. To make such spirits at home by own hands is quite real, since it does not take much time.

You will need
  • Odorless oil is a base oil (eg, almond oil or jojoba oil);
  • Натуральный воск;
  • Essential oils (one oil or in combination, depending on what smell you want to feel when using perfume);
  • Form / storage container (can use jars from the cream, powder, empty tubes from lipstick, deodorant or other available containers).
Prepare the base oil and wax in the proportion of 2: 1, depending on the amount of perfume you want (for example, 2 tablespoons of oil per 1 tablespoon of wax).

Wax melt in a water bath until liquid and heat the oil. Then connect the wax and oil in one container and carefully mix.

Add to the wax and oil essential oil or their pre-mixed composition.

All components are mixed and quickly poured into a pre-prepared form. You can not hesitate here for a second, as the mixture quickly cools.

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