Cream for sensitive skin

Cream for sensitive skin
When choosing a foundation for sensitive skin, you should consider some features. The cream should well mask fine wrinkles, redness, do not cause skin irritation, and do not require repeated application throughout the day. In order to properly choose a cream, you need to assess the skin condition. It can be over-dried, combined, prone to fat and rashes. Well-chosen cream will help to cope with mimic wrinkles, with pale skin color. For a facial skin prone to fat, a cream with a more airy texture will do. Light mousse perfectly aligns your skin tone, but you can not hide more serious problem areas. For skin prone to redness, you need to choose a cream with a yellow podton, for pale faces – with a pink podtonom.

Cream for sensitive skin with moisturizing effect is suitable for dry skin prone to peeling. It can be an easy toning cream without oils and alcohol. Cream with silicone It is designed for a more dense coating, it smooths the skin tone, hides shortcomings кожи. При необходимости скрыть на лице возможные шрамы, ожоги, глубокие порезы подойдет крем более плотной текстуры, нужно наносить подушечками пальцев на проблемные участки.

The composition of the cream can include many components: alcohol, talc, all kinds of perfumes, essential, mineral oils. The composition of the cream for sensitive skin should necessarily include sunscreen filters. Index not lower than 15 SPF is ideal for protecting sensitive skin. For example, the skin prone to rash, peeling, cream, which contains perfume and essential oils, will not work – it can cause irritation.

Приобретая крем для чувствительной кожи, важно проверить срок годности. Просроченный крем может навредить чувствительной коже лица. Не стоит также покупать крема с нарушенной структурой. Лицам с чувствительной кожей необходимо внимательно подходить к выбору крема.

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