Cracked Nail Polish

Cracked Nail Polish
Every woman regularly takes care of nails and covers them with various varnishes. However, one of the latest trends in the field of nail art was the appearance of nail varnish with the effect of cracks, as in this kind of varnish there is a name like craquelure, which, in French, means nothing but a "crack". Such funds were used only in the field of art and furniture design long before the appearance of this trend, because the surface coating (be it furniture or painting) with varnish with the effect of cracks gave the product some sort of aging that was valued at that time. It is from the field of art that this idea came to the modern nail care industry. To date, this trend – a kind of hit and almost every girl is puzzled in the acquisition of such a varnish. However, in the application of craquelure, there are also specific features, one of which will be the following. Craquelure should be applied to a layer of varnish of a different color, which will be the basis, since cracked, which are formed after applying craquelure – will be exactly the same color as the layer of varnish you applied before coating the nails with a hit in the area of ??nail art.

Craquelure is divided into two main types:
The first type is the spider craquelure. This species is characterized by small cracks, through which the lacquer that you applied before you cover your nails with craquelure is barely noticeable.

And to the second kind belongs fence craquelure. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the cracks will be large and the lacquer that is under it will be clearly visible.

However, using this kind of varnish is desirable only if certain conditions are met:
Первое. Для начала стоит привести ногти в порядок: очистить от лака (если он имеется) и придать ногтям желаемую форму.

The second. First, it is necessary to apply the first coat of varnish, which will be the basis, which will reflect the color of the cracks after applying the craquelure. Here the main thing with flowers is not to be mistaken. As a rule, it is remarkable with such a kind of manicure that colors such as black and white, pink and golden are combined. Although the choice of colors depends only on the mood for creating a manicure. In this case, the layer of varnish that will be the base must be dried very carefully nails before applying craquelure.

Third. It should be applied to the nail with a thin layer of varnish with the effect of cracks. It is necessary to wait for complete drying, while you can observe how the varnish cracks in the form of cracks of various shapes. However, if on the nails хочется наблюдать более крупные трещины, то слой кракелюра должен быть как можно тоньше.

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