Cosmetology in Oriental Medicine

Cosmetology in Oriental Medicine
In all ages people have sought to deceive the time and look younger than their present years. Significant progress in this field of activity was achieved by the master of Oriental medicine, using methods of acupuncture. Procedures for rejuvenation through acupuncture were used even at the courts of Korean emperors. The effectiveness of acupuncture, widely used in cosmetology, is proved by multiple positive results.

Initially, methods of using acupuncture on the face were used to treat paralysis of the facial nerve. Since the results were striking and had a pronounced rejuvenating effect, acupuncture gradually entered into cosmetology to "correct" the age-related changes in the face. At the moment it is known that this method of rejuvenation refreshes the complexion, reduces wrinkles and generally rejuvenates it, at least for 10 years.

Ошибочно считать, что иглотерапия – это исключительно косметическая процедура. Кроме омоложения лица происходит омоложение всего организма человека. Эта процедура, предоставляя колоссальный эффект, действует не только на местно, но и оказывает влияние на причину проблемы. Во время проведения иглоукалывания происходит целый комплекс процессов – приток крови, выработка коллагена и эластина, лимфодренаж. Подтягивая кожу, убирая мешки под глазами и снимая отечность, иглотерапия не несет в себе каких-либо губительных последствий, которые могут возникать в результате различных пластических процедур.

In recent years, methods have been developed for breast augmentation, figure correction, rhinoplasty, correction of the face oval and other cosmetic changes in the body through the use of centuries of Oriental medicine.

No less popular in cosmetology was yumeiho-therapy. This procedure is based on a classic oriental massage. Like any therapy of oriental medicine, yumeiho-therapy is based on the effect of massage on active points of the body, stimulating skin elasticity, reducing excess weight, getting rid of acne, and increasing the overall tone of the body.

Oriental massage therapy provides for more than a hundred methods of affecting the skin, muscles and joints. At the heart of yumeiho-therapy is a long-term theory, the essence of which lies in the fact that even the slightest shift of pelvic bones to the left or to the right leads to a general disturbance of the body's balance. Because of this, there is a violation of the normal state of the skeleton and internal organs, leading to a decrease in efficiency and the development of complex diseases. From this it follows that massage therapy is aimed at leveling the pelvic joints and returning the center of gravity of the body to its place, as a result of which the blood circulation and lymphatic fluid that normalizes the flabbiness of the skin also normalizes.

Thus, it can be confidently asserted that at the moment, before wishing to erase from your face superfluous years and generally bring your whole body to the desired state, there is a difficult choice – to turn to the services of plastic surgeons or to try on yourself for years justified practice of rejuvenation through oriental medicine.

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