Cosmeticians about using almond oil to strengthen hair and nails

Cosmeticians about using almond oil to strengthen hair and nails
Almond oil is extracted from sweet and bitter almonds by pressing. It has many useful properties: it relieves dry and split ends, gives the hair softness, helps to strengthen the nails and take care of them. Masks based on almond oil are suitable for all types of hair: dry, greasy, normal and even colored. A very good effect has a mask with oatmeal and oil. For its preparation, mix 2 tbsp. almond oil, 1 tbsp. milk and 1 st.l. ground Hercules. Apply the mixture on your hair, massage, leave for half an hour. The components have an excellent restoring effect. The mask is especially suitable for those who have damaged hair after a chemical wave.

Если вас беспокоит перхоть, раздражение и зуд кожи головы, сделайте маску с применением сока алоэ. Смешайте мякоть листьев алоэ, сок и миндальное масло в равных пропорциях. Смесь распределите по всей длине, а через 20 минут смойте теплой водой.

Для того чтобы миндальное масло не прогоркло, его нужно хранить в темном и прохладном месте. Открытая баночка не хранится более одного года.

If you have dry hair, the mask with the egg will return them softness and make them obedient. Mix 1 tbsp. almond oil and two chicken yolks. Rub the mixture into the scalp and spread it over the hair. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with cool water.

If you do not like washing oil masks off your hair, add almond oil to the shampoo. It will be enough half cap. The oil protects the hair from the aggressive effects of shampoo.

Almond oil is known not only for hair masks. With it, you can do combing. Apply almond oil on a wooden comb and comb hair. You can repeat the procedure several times a day.

Almond oil can perfectly enrich the hand cream. First, squeeze out a portion of the cream, then add a few drops of oil to it. Rub the cream not only into the skin, but also into the nail plates.

Almond oil can be used not only for dry, but also for oily hair. After all, it is light and nutritious. It can be successfully applied during a head massage. Cosmeticians are advised to perform the procedure as follows: first warm up the oil and dip the fingertips into it. Then tilt your head down and massage the skin with both hands. Perform the procedure one hour before washing your head. The oil will give the hair strength, prevent fragility and the appearance of dandruff. Massage enhances blood circulation. As a result, hair growth is enhanced.

Cosmetologists recommend almond oil for strengthening of nails. It contains many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which require the surface of the nail. You can simply apply oil to the cuticle and the area around the nail. For intensive recovery, rub the oil several times a day. It is useful to make oil baths for nails. To do this, drip a few drops of oil in warm water and dip the fingertips into it. After such a procedure, you can perform a manicure.

Для сухой кожи рук будет полезна nocturnal mask of almond oil. Apply oil on your hands. In this case, pay special attention to the nails. Then put on your hands thin cotton gloves and go to bed.

Caring for the nails and cuticles with oil regularly. Then you will certainly notice a positive effect: the nails will look better, their growth will accelerate, and the exfoliation will cease to disturb.

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