Cosmetic flower – evening primrose

Cosmetic flower - evening primrose
Flowers in cosmetics? Of course! But not some, but the evening primrose. For unassuming beauty, she hides the true super abilities. Leave the tulips in the vase …

Natural super forces

The primula or the evening primrose acts completely imperceptibly, but it has tremendous power. She manages to grow on poor soils and in the most severe conditions, and it blossoms for a few seconds – faster than any other flower. In addition, it has such a magical ability to bloom only at night. Only after sunset it comes to life and demonstrates its yellow flowers in full bloom.

Питание для тканей кожи

This magic food – gamma-linolenic acid. No other plant contains so much of this nutrient that provides a lot of moisture and stimulates metabolism. So the evening primrose is fighting with dry and irritated skin and awakens tired and listless skin to life. Even itching and irritation can be treated with the help of nutrients in the evening primrose.

Immediate Action

Within a few seconds, the vixen opens the petals of his flower. With the same blazing speed, the ingredients of the flower make the skin supple and smooth. This also includes an immediate strengthening effect.

Care with a long-term guarantee

The primrose blooms in the evening, when others are asleep – this is also indicated by its name, that is, the intensive life of the flower begins at night. Enotera stimulates the formation of tissue hormones that return the skin its elasticity. Thus, the flower is fighting the biggest enemy of the skin – wrinkles!

Достойное место в косметической отрасли

A yellow flower is rather difficult to find in nature because it grows in the most unexpected places – for example, between stones, near ancient walls or on railroad tracks. Fortunately, the beauty industry has already discovered the effect of the power of evening primrose and used it in day and night creams, intense concentrates or in skin care products around the eyes and lips.

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