Corrector for the face: the rules of selection and use

Corrector for the face: the rules of selection and use
In the struggle for an unblemished skin tone, not only the tonal base and cream, but also the powder, and most importantly the corrector, will be of use to the fair sex representatives. This cosmetic helps to mask defects, cope with enlarged pores, circles under the eyes and other troubles. But in order for the corrector to "perfectly" cope with the tasks, it is necessary to select and use the product correctly. Corrector for the face belongs to the category of means for masking. Sometimes it is also called concealer, but concealer serves only to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. The spectrum of the corrector is wider – masking of acne, redness, freckles.

При использовании корректора необходимо помнить, что это средство наносится только на проблемную зону. Данные косметические продукты могут иметь разный оттенок – колер встречается желтый, телесный, абрикосовый, розовый, голубой и даже зеленый. Каждый цвет отвечает за разные возможности. Так, необходимо подобрать зеленый корректор для маскировки прыщиков. Скрыть пигментные пятна помогут голубые и лиловые корректоры. А вот желтый и абрикосовый колеры придуманы для устранения темных кругов под глазами. Белый корректор осветлит кожу, скорректирует овал лица. Сияние и здоровый румянец придаст серебряный колер. Розовый цвет служит для устранения серого оттенка кожи, он делает лицо свежим.

The most universal are the bodily correctors. They will be an ideal choice for masking minor flaws or evening the tone.

Buying masking agent, it is important to take into account its density. To hide the scars, you need to use a dense concealer. More liquid in the texture of the corrector will be needed to visually reduce the circles under the eyes. By their consistency, these cosmetic products can be not only liquid and solid, but also oily.

Liquid proofreaders quickly spread over the skin, so when applying them it is important to act without delay. Oily remedies are easier to use, they will help make the tone smooth. Solid for consistency means more like cosmetic pencils. Sticks often contain vitamin supplements, so they make the skin velvety. When applying them, you should carefully distribute the composition in areas with wrinkles – the corrector can be "clogged" in the folds.

Before applying the corrective agent, you should first moisturize the skin, distribute the foundation for make-up. Try not to apply the corrector thick layer, because after it you will need to use also a foundation and powder. Feathering is best with fingers, you can take a thin brush. Solid sticks can be applied over the base, but only need to be distributed with your fingers.

Using a corrector to mask pimples, acne is necessary to first apply a clear gel on the scars. After a couple of minutes, you can distribute the corrective.

When applying the corrector, you need to squeeze a few drops of the product into the palm or sponge, and then take a little bit of mass. A more resistant coating will be obtained if the mask is applied to the face with a moist sponge. For evening make-up, an even shade can be obtained by distributing the corrector with a brush.

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