Correct make-up by type of face

Correct make-up by type of face
Independently to carry out a make-up under force to many, however to make it correctly are able not all. To choose cosmetics it is not enough, it is necessary to know technique of drawing of powder, creams and lipsticks taking into account features of types of the face.

For a narrow type of face characterized by sharp chin and high forehead. The task of the make-up artist is to expand the face oval. A similar effect can be achieved if you apply a blush of dark hues on the temples and chin, and curl the hair with large curly locks and leave it loose. In the inner corner of the eyelid and under the eyebrow, apply a pearl shade with a brush, and on the outer edge of the eye, blend brown. Here, the arrows or the eyeliner will be appropriate with a black pencil. Contour the lips around the coral pencil, apply a tone of lipstick, and in the center of the lower lip add a little shine.

The triangular face, in addition to the broad forehead and pointed chin, differs from the narrow by the presence of high cheekbones, so to approximate the face oval to the ideal, lighten the narrow areas, as well as the line along the hair growth, and make a raised hairstyle, for example, a low volume beam. In make-up, you can use pearl shades, as well as pink or plum lipstick.

A round-shaped face stands out with a small chin, a small forehead and a neat nose. On these parts of the face it is better to use a light powder. Stylists recommend holders of this type to dye the eyes in the style of a fig-ice, and lipstick to choose golden shades. Bring to perfection the image will help hair with an oblique parting, as an option, well look retroklones, twisted in the direction from the face.

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