Corns and growths: why are formed and how to deal with them

Corns and growths: why are formed and how to deal with them
These painful formations literally deprive us of the opportunity to move about. They arise as a result of rubbing against the shoes or irritation when contacting adjacent bones. Experts regard calluses as an attempt of the body to protect the surface of the foot from excessive pressure.

How is corn or a build-up formed?

In the place where friction occurs, a heap of dense cornified dead cells is formed. Over time, the corn sprouts. If there is a hard middle – it is already built-up. Between the fingers, as a rule, calluses are soft, because they are constantly wetted afterwards. In this case, friction occurs between the bones of two adjacent fingers. The skin coarsens and cracks. Painful cracks aggravate pain when walking.

Как бороться с мозолями и наростами?

The main request – please do not be a surgeon. Do not think that you yourself easily cut off the callus with some sharp tools. The consequence of incorrect actions can be infection attachment. Especially it is necessary to be careful of this patient with diabetes mellitus.

• If you use a corn plaster or pads with salicylates, you must follow the rule: apply them exactly to the corn cloth, and not to the skin around. Make a round hole for the corn in a small gasket and apply ointments or patch, without damaging the surrounding skin. Apply this treatment is not recommended more than twice a week. Some dermatologists generally recommend avoiding this method, since they subsequently see burns and ulcers on the skin.

• To relieve pain, you can make a salt foot bath. This will ease the pressure build-up on the nearby nerve.

Chamomile baths can be used to soften hardened calluses.

• Undress your feet in hot water, then rub with pumice stone to remove the top layer of the skin. Apply any foot cream. So act daily after a shower.

• Make a night mask for callus: rub 5 aspirin tablets, add a little water and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply this paste on the corn, wrap with a plastic bag and a warm towel. In the morning, treat this place with pumice stone.

• Do not start the process of growing corn. The best impact is in the initial stage.

• Do not wear tight shoes, it should match your size in length, width and height. Stretch the shoes. Wear an average heel height. Use spacers between your fingers or insteps if necessary.

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