Consilers – what is it and how to use them correctly

Consilers - what is it and how to use them correctly
In order to make the makeup look as effective as possible, it is necessary to use a concealer designed to mask imperfections of the skin. Apply it on the face you need very carefully, especially when used to lighten circles under the eyes.

What is concealer

A concealer is a cosmetic product that is necessary for masking skin imperfections. When using this product, the face looks fresh, healthy, and the eyes are radiant. In contrast to foundation, it must be applied to the face locally. As a rule, with the help of this remedy mask acne, traces of acne, dark circles under the eyes. The product differs from the corrector in that it is designed specifically to mask the flaws, and not to correct them. The concealer can only have a flesh tinge, and the correctors produce in red, green and other colors.

In order to make visible defects with the concealer, it is necessary to select it correctly. The tone of the tonal remedy should completely match the skin tone or be lighter on tone. Applying a lighter tone helps to distract attention from skin imperfections, especially if the product contains tiny shiny particles.

The concealer is often used to mask dark circles under the eyes. For these purposes, it is better to choose a light foundation. In this case, it is not necessary to brighten the area under the eyes, since the make-up will look unnatural.

How to use concealer

Modern cosmetic companies produce concealers in the form of a stick, a pencil, and also in tubes with a dispenser. The most convenient to use is liquid products in tubes. They can be used not only to mask minor flaws, but also to lighten the dark circles under the eyes.

The scheme of applying a layer of concealer on the face depends on the purpose of application. If a woman wants to disguise small pimples, redness, she needs to cleanse the skin, rub it with a tonic, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. After that, it is necessary to apply a liquid foundation to the entire surface of the face, if necessary, and then disguise with a concealer with minor imperfections. The product must be applied pointwise to the redness or pimple, and then shade it with your fingertips, so that the sharp boundaries of the tonal remedy are not visible.

If using a concealer to remove dark circles under the eyes, it is necessary to put a little remedy on the cleansed skin and carefully shade with the help of fingers or a small sponge. Make-up experts advise slightly to drive means in a skin with fingertips that the make up looked more naturally. In addition, this method allows you to evenly distribute and do not stretch the delicate skin under the eyes.

A hard concealer, released in the form of a stick or pencil, is not recommended for masking dark circles under the eyes. In extreme cases, you can put a little money on the fingertips, lightly warm it up to get them plasticity, and then gently apply it on the skin with patting movements.

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