Complex science: how to choose perfume

Complex science: how to choose perfume
Smell is one of the most effective techniques by which a woman can draw attention to herself. However, the choice and use of perfume is to some extent an art, and today we will talk about how to master it.

Cleanliness is the guarantee of charm

A well-chosen and properly applied fragrance can make anyone man. However, to emphasize your special charm, perfume can only in one case – if they are applied to a clean body. Therefore, the first thing to do before applying perfume is to take a bath or shower.

Why are the spirits individual?

Drops printed on a paper strip will tell you about perfume all but the main thing – how they will behave on your skin. Recall that the same perfume on different people smells not just with different notes and shades, but sometimes in various ways beyond recognition. The fact is that the chemical processes that take place with the flavors on the skin are highly individual. Do not buy perfume just because they are delicious on your girlfriend – the chance that they will smell like you, tends to zero. That is why it is better to choose the fragrance that is right for you.

How to choose perfume

A drop of spices you like should be applied to the skin of the inner surface of the wrist and wait a few minutes for the perfume to mingle with your smell. The wrist is not accidental: on this part of the body is a thin skin, under which the blood vessels are quite close. Therefore, the skin in this place warms up more quickly, and chemical processes on its surface occur faster.

Take your time with the choice: if through 15 minutes of staying on your skin the scent did not disappoint you, feel free to buy these perfumes. After all, first of all you should like the smell.

Do not buy perfume, if it is pleasant to a man, and irritates you – nothing good will end with it. You are unlikely to get used to such a fragrance, but this man will sooner or later start annoying you.

For blondes, brunettes, redheads

There are certain reasons for the separation of fragrances on "for blondes" and "for brunettes."

Thin and therefore dry-prone skin of blondes is not able to withstand heavy odors, and their molecules fill the whole space around. However, few people like to "bathe" in languorous flavors. Therefore, blondes are recommended light floral or fresh smells.

Dense skin of brunettes, on the contrary, easily delays heavy aromas, softening their "lethal force".

Separate mention deserves the red-haired ladies – their tender skin requires a special, always individual approach. But rather, these are light, light scents.

But all this is very conditional – every woman chooses the smell, which, in her opinion, was created for her. And she's right.

Delicious smells stunned men?

Many men love the smells of sweet rolls, pies, sweets. These smells remind them of home warmth, comfort, good mother's hands. Therefore, "edible" flavors – cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, fruit – often attract even the most brutal men.

A win-win

If you are familiar with who you are going to fascinate, the task is simplified. Psychologists believe that it is enough to know what kind of perfume the man himself uses. And then pick up for yourself the fragrance from the same line. By the way, today almost all firms that produce perfume, do, as a rule, two variants of each flavor – male and female.

Perfume in the office

For yourself, it is worth noting that the intensity of the smell should be selected depending on the situation. There are scents suitable for personal life, and there are those that are worth using in the office. We try to use unobtrusive smell close to neutral at work: citrus and coniferous notes will help to relieve tension, and lavender and cinnamon will increase working capacity. It is noticed that sharp notes soften next to office equipment.

How to apply perfume

A big mistake is to apply perfume in wide layers throughout the body. A trail of aroma, stretching for miles after you, is a bad tone. Perfume was created in order to have a pleasant smell in your body, and not in the space around you.

Spirits are applied literally three drops: one near the ear and one on the wrist of one hand (after which the wrists should be rubbed slightly against each other). At the same place apply a perfume, equipped with a cap-spray, and also in very modest quantities. Also do not forget that in the heat (and in stuffy rooms) the aromas become stronger, they become sharper. Always remember: fragrances like careful, gentle and gentle treatment.

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