Completeness: sentence or female dignity

Completeness: sentence or female dignity
A woman in the modern world has the right to determine on her own how much weight, size and shape suits her the most. "Thin, and therefore beautiful," – this stereotype is imposed by the fashion industry, but does not combine with real life.

Advantages of completeness

According to the results of public opinion polls, full women have a lot of merit, among which some qualities have become leaders. For example, people believe that bbw are not greedy and not envious, have a healthy sense of humor, they are optimistic in life, have touching naivety, can empathize with relatives and friends. If such a woman does not associate with others, correctly presents herself and her body, she is always sexy and irresistible. According to an anonymous survey of sociologists, 79 percent of men surveyed said they have a sexual fantasy with a full woman and are ready to implement it. The reasons were as follows: fatty women have more velvety skin, hot body and soft forms.

Also, full women have the highest content of a female hormone called estrogen. Therefore, they are more active in sex and are much more temperamental than skinny girls. Among the advantages of completeness, the fact that full wrinkles appear on the face of full women after forty years, and the skin on the chest, stomach, back, buttocks remains smooth almost to the old age. This is a peculiar property of the epidermis and dermis of full women.

Two centuries ago, fullness was feminine dignity. Full women were depicted on the canvases of famous artists. Completeness was never seen as a flaw in the female figure. Thin girls began to develop as an example for others only at the end of the last century. These principles of diets are imposed by the beauty industry, which is often called the "generator of neuroses". Indeed, constant restrictions and diets negatively affect the nervous system of a woman.

Disadvantages of completeness

When shortcomings of completeness are considered, they perceive it not as a physical problem, but as a reflection of the psychoemotional state, broken inner harmony and distorted attitude. The root of the problem for full women becomes on the mental level a sense of humiliation, which came from childhood. Humiliation is an act that resulted in an insult, a blow to the dignity of another person. Synonyms of humiliation are shame, oppression, insult and shame. Therefore, she can become the verdict of the full woman herself.

The disadvantage of completeness is also nutrition, in which a full woman can go to extremes. Eat large portions of food often lead to overeating.

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