Completeness: beauty or horror?

Completeness: beauty or horror?
In one winged expression it is said that "a good man should be a lot." However, glossy magazines impose a completely different standard of beauty in the form of anaeretic models, so sometimes it seems that the "full" has become synonymous with "ugly" or "horrible".

Examples to follow

Although many media outlets are already actively promoting the fight against excess weight, one should not go to the extreme and take the path of patients with anorexia or bulimia. It's one thing to be complete, and quite another to have a certain degree of obesity. The differences between these concepts are quite significant. If in the first case you just need to keep yourself in shape, then in the second – you will have to completely revise your lifestyle and eating habits, and if necessary, seek help from a specialist, otherwise you can inflict enormous damage to your own health.

In addition, some completeness goes. It is not by chance that among the sex symbols of modernity, if such women as Monica Bellucci, Jessica Chestane, Anfisa Chekhova and other beauties with very impressive forms.

There are "pompushki" among the models, for example, Tara Lynn. Completeness did not prevent her from getting on the covers of leading magazines, starring in a number films and conquer the heart of actor Chris Nota (the same Mr. Big of Sex and the City). Also, not all girls give birth with a physique like the fragile Audrey Hepburn, so even if they start eating only bread and water, they will simply starve to death, not really approaching their ideal.

Small tweaks

Как известно, женщинам «в теле» не так легко подобрать себе красивую одежду, которая бы скрывала все их недостатки, однако подобному мастерству просто необходимо научиться. Для начала потребуется встать перед зеркалом и изучить свое тело: какие его части хотелось бы скрыть от посторонних глаз, на чем заострить внимание, а уже потом переходить от теории к практике. Кстати, некоторые модные марки специализируется на выпуске одежды именно для полных барышень и выпускают коллекции с учетом особенностей их фигуры.

It is also important to watch for yourself – to adhere to a certain diet, exercise, or at least make daily walks. This will help maintain the body in tone. To the skin on the problem areas looked taut, you can take a course of massage.

Among other things, you need to accept yourself as you are, do not complex because of excess weight, continue to go to your goal and do not forget about your inner development. As a rule, harmonious whole individuals, even with some physical flaws, look much more attractive than beauties, which are an attractive "form without content."

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