Coffee scrub in the fight for beautiful skin: a way of applying

Coffee scrub in the fight for beautiful skin: a way of applying
Scrub from ground natural coffee – an excellent inexpensive product for finding a smooth and beautiful skin. Coffee particles carefully exfoliate the dead cells, and the oil contained in them nourishes and smoothes. The scrub can be used to treat the face and body. To make it especially effective, add coffee to shower gel, vegetable oil or sour cream.

How to Make Coffee Scrub

For preparing coffee scrub for the body, you can use unprocessed ground coffee. It well exfoliates the skin without irritating it. For oily skin, use coffee without additives, for a dry mix it with almond oil or yoghurt. Such a composition will not only purify the body of dead cells, but will also contribute to its nutrition.

To prepare a face scrub, use the thick of brewed coffee. This product acts more gently. Coffee grounds can be mixed with cream or milk for the face, this composition will replace the cleansing mask.

For express exfoliation of face and body skin, you can prepare homemade soap-scrub. Ready heated soap base, add ground coffee and a few drops of orange or mint oil to the mixture. You can pour into the mixture a powder of cocoa or oatmeal – the product will become even more saturated. Pour the soap mixture over the molds, sprinkled with alcohol, and then let it freeze. Store soapy scrub in a linen bag or paper wrapper.

Nuances of use

Before processing the body, take a warm shower – it will open the pores and make the skin more susceptible. Then in a circular motion, apply a scrub of coffee with yogurt or butter on the body. Begin with a foot, gradually moving to the neck. Especially diligently handle coarsened areas – elbows, knees, heels. Leave the scrub on the skin for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. After such a procedure, you do not need a body cream, the skin remains soft and moisturized.

Fat, prone to inflammation of the skin handle differently. First apply a shower gel on it. Choose a remedy with a flavor that harmonizes well with coffee. Suitable chocolate, vanilla, milk or coconut gel. Then take a small portion of ground coffee and apply on the skin over the gel. Intensively rub the body with your hands, special attention to problem areas. Coffee scrub perfectly fights against cellulite.

Rinse the body with warm water, thoroughly flushing the grains of coffee. Complete the procedure with an invigorating cool shower. This treatment not only smoothes and refreshes the skin, but also prevents the appearance of inflammation.

Before you clean your face, you can make a warm compress or steam bath. Apply the coffee scrub on the skin and gently massage the skin with your fingers, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Then rinse the coffee with warm water. After the procedure, you can apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask, it will work particularly effectively.

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