Cocoa butter: use in home cosmetics and treatment

Cocoa butter: use in home cosmetics and treatment
Cocoa butter is not only a commonly used component of confectionery products, but also an amazing cosmetic and therapeutic remedy. Due to the maintenance of a huge amount of vitamins, proteins and trace elements, cocoa butter carefully cares for the skin of the face, improves the condition of the vessels, allows you to protect yourself and get rid of a number of viral and bacterial infections.

The use of cocoa butter for a long time was the prerogative of culinary experts, but the unique properties of this product attracted the attention of soaps, cosmetics manufacturers, adherents of non-medicinal methods of treatment.

Cocoa butter in cosmetology

Specialists widely use the properties of cocoa butter to moisturize, soften, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. AT domestic conditions create cosmetic products based on this oil is fairly easy, and, the range of effects of this product is quite wide:

  • In winter, cocoa butter effectively protects the skin from cold air and wind, prevents frostbite. In frosty days it is recommended to avoid creams with moisturizing actions – they can be replaced with a small piece of cocoa butter, having smeared skin of face and hands. Excess oil soak with a napkin and lightly powder.
  • To get rid of excessive dryness of the skin, burrs and "pimples" on the hands, coarsened skin of the feet, cracks in the corners of the lips can be done with a mixture of melted cocoa butter and honey taken in equal quantities. In the case of an allergy to bee products, honey can be replaced with olive or sunflower oil.
  • Dry and weakened hair is restored for 5-6 wrapping procedures with a mixture of burdock and melted cocoa butter with the addition of 5-8 drops of the Aevit drugstore. The mask is applied to dry hair and left to act on 2-3 for an hour, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Get rid of dark circles under the eyes, swelling and puffiness of the eyelids, fine wrinkles can be with the help of oil compresses: folded twice gauze wet in warm cocoa butter and put on problem areas. On top of the gauze cover with a towel. After 15-20 minutes, the residual oil is removed with a napkin, the skin is wiped with an ice cube.

Cocoa butter treatment

Cocoa butter is an effective cough remedy, which any child will gladly accept: the aroma of chocolate will turn the medicine into a real treat.

  • For the preparation of cough and pain medication in the throat it is necessary to preheat 100 ml of milk into which cocoa powder, sugar to taste and 5-10 g of solid cocoa butter are added. Drink is consumed in a warm form, refraining from eating food for 1-2 hours before and after using this remedy.
  • A drink made of milk with the addition of cocoa butter in combination with a massage of the chest with a piece of butter gives good results in the treatment of protracted bronchitis.
  • In epidemics of respiratory diseases, you can protect yourself from infection by lubricating the nasal mucosa with a small amount of cocoa butter. In contrast to the traditional oxolin ointment, cocoa butter has a pleasant chocolate flavor, which the babies like so much.
  • Anti-inflammatory and softening properties of cocoa butter can remove pain and heal cracks in hemorrhoids: a small piece of unburned oil is injected directly into the rectum.
  • For the removal of skin itching, healing of small burns, elimination of cracks on the heels apply massage with a small oil tile. In melted form, cocoa butter is recommended to mix with a few drops of sea buckthorn oil.

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