Cocoa butter from wrinkles

Cocoa butter from wrinkles
Cocoa butter helps to eliminate wrinkles on the face no worse than expensive cream with collagen and retinol. Make cosmetic products based on the natural component can be at home.

Why is cocoa butter effective?

The composition of the oil includes nutrients and a number of vitamins. Fatty acids activate lipid metabolism, increase protective functions, normalize complexion, and also perfectly eliminate dryness.

Vitamins E and K relieve inflammation, smooth irregularities, promote rejuvenation. In addition, they gently smooth out the tone, eliminating the pronounced pigmentation.

Phytosterols contribute to inhibition of aging, and also have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Quite often phytosterols are added to anti-aging creams.

How to use cocoa butter

On the basis of cocoa, you can make a night cream. Melt on a water bath 1 st.l. add 1 tsp. jojoba and 3 st.l. the olive. Thoroughly mix, remove from heat and add the ethereal extract of sandalwood – enough 2 drops. Keep the resulting composition in the refrigerator, use at bedtime.

As an emergency aid to fading skin, you can use a mask based on cocoa butter. Mix in equal proportions cocoa butter and grape seeds, put on a water bath. Once the mass becomes uniform, remove from heat, add 1 tsp. pulp of aloe. The resulting mixture is applied to a cleaned face, wash off after 15 minutes. You can use the mask several times a week.

If you want to cleanse the skin of dead skin cells of the epithelium, place the cocoa butter in an enameled container, melt, add 1 tbsp. honey. Grind the oat flakes and mix them with the resulting mass. Apply a gentle massage on the moist face, then rinse.

If the weathering lips, help balm. Take the 1 tsp. beeswax and the same amount of cocoa butter. Melt in a water bath, add 2 st.l. wheat germ oil and mix. Put the mass in a small jar and cool in the refrigerator.


It is worth noting that the cocoa butter is very often allergic reactions, so the means with it should be used very carefully. Perform a sensitivity test by applying a small amount of oil to the elbow fold. If the rash or reddening does not appear in a day, then the composition can be used.

Qualitative cocoa butter can not have a low cost, since the technology of its production requires significant costs. Do not make a purchase if the price is kept at a suspiciously low level.

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