Coco Chanel. Magic 5

Coco Chanel. Magic 5
In the spring of 2016, the perfume Chanel No. 5 was 95 years old.
For the first time the public appreciated "how the Woman should smell" at the beginning of May 1921. On the fifth, the fifth month, as Gabrielle Chanel conceived, better known by the pseudonym Coco, a recognized couturier, who suddenly took up the production of perfume.

Coco Chanel endowed the number with five mystical meanings, believing that it brings good luck, but even better a happy date earned thanks to the non-trivial thinking of Koko herself.

The idea of ??creating her own fragrance came to her head when the cousin of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II Grand Duke Dmitri Romanov, with whom Koko had romantic relations, arranged for her to meet with a French chemist born in Russia, Ernest Bo.

Subsequently, it was he who developed Chanel No. 5, although many mistakenly attribute the creation of the fragrance to Mademoiselle Chanel herself. By order of Coco Ernest Bo created 24 a combination of floral scents. I chose the only one – the fifth one.

There are several legends explaining why from all the proposed variety, Mademoiselle Chanel stopped at this option. According to the first of them, Koko specified the cost of ingredients and the most expensive, jasmine, added to the fifth copy in large quantities, improving its quality. According to another version of the journeyman Ernest Bo, mixed the composition and mistakenly instead of 1% added to the trial flavor 10% aldehyde solution, greatly improving the fortitude of the perfume.

Anyway, but the fragrance really turned out to be unique, combining immediately 80 shades of odors, instead of the traditional one at the time.

Under the perfume, which has no analogues, they picked up the most ordinary crystal vessel of rectangular shape. Behind this choice was concealed a thought-out marketing move, since such a design by deliberate simplicity attracted much more attention of potential buyers than the pretentious bottles of other spirits.

From that moment the path of the masterpiece began.

Fashion historians believe that for their financial well-being, the fashion house Chanel first of all should thank the line of perfume, which for all time of existence managed to bring to its owners about 1,5 billion dollars.

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