Cleansing the skin at home – simple tips

Cleansing the skin at home - simple tips
Skin cleansing at home is a fairly effective procedure. In order to cleanse the skin at home, you will need a little time and desire, and the ingredients will be the simplest

Clean, healthy skin is the dream of any woman. But not everyone can achieve this. Of course, one can turn to specialists and spend expensive salon procedures, however skin cleansing in Home conditions will cost you much cheaper.

How to clean the face of the house

If you decide to cleanse the skin in domestic conditions, it is very important to observe two rules:

  • all procedures should be carried out only on clean skin and thoroughly washed hands;
  • if there are inflammations, pimples or skin diseases from cleansing will have to be abandoned.

First, you need to steam your face to open the pores. Boil a pot of water and lean over it, throwing a towel over your head so that the steam does not come out. Do a steam bath for at least a quarter of an hour. In a pot of water, you can add medicinal herbs to increase the effect.

After steaming the skin, when the pores have sufficiently expanded, you can proceed to the immediate cleansing of the skin of the face. There are two options: peeling or mechanical cleaning. Peeling is the cleansing of the skin with the help of cosmetic products – scrubs, for example. Mechanical cleaning is the removal of black points by extrusion.

When extruding black points, periodically lubricate the face with hydrogen peroxide to prevent new contaminants from entering the open pores. If you decide on such a procedure as squeezing, then try not to press on the skin with your fingernails – there may be traces or even small scars. If the black dot не выдавливается immediately, it is best to leave it until the next time.

В завершении процедуры домашнего очищения кожи нужно обязательно сделать маску, которая сузит поры и сделает кожу более упругой.

Simple recipes for home cleaning

148261_53642c4b4941b53642c4b49453.jpegHere are a few simple recipes for home cleaning. Very easy to prepare скраб из соли и кофе. Для его приготовления вам понадобится столовая ложка молотого кофе (или кофейной гущи) и чайная ложка крупной столовой или морской соли. Если у вас жирная кожа, то к компонентам нужно добавить немного воды и столовую ложку натурального йогурта, при сухой кожу – по одной столовой ложке молока и сметаны и немного оливкового масла. Компоненты тщательно перемешайте и наносите на кожу легкими массирующими движениями, а затем смойте чуть теплой водой.

Of all the masks for the skin, the most universal clay mask. To make it very simple – dilute the clay with water to the consistency of sour cream and apply on face. When the clay dries a little, you can massage the skin with water-soaked fingers or simply wash it off with warm water. Clay is selected depending on your skin type – details you can specify on the product packaging. Black clay fits all, but has a pulling effect and after such masks can appear unwanted pimples and rashes. However, after several applications, everything passes and the skin becomes tender and smooth.



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