Cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing lips

Cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing lips
Proper care for the lips, which includes three stages: cleansing, nourishment and hydration, will allow your sponges to look healthy and flawless. In everyday life, many do not think that lips, as well as other areas of the skin need cleansing (peeling). In the market of skin care products, there is quite a large number of drugs designed specifically for exfoliating the skin in this special zone.
Purification, including with the help of scrubs, will make your lips look perfect, and lipstick will lie on them just perfect.
Скрабы для губ обладают гелиевой или кремовой основой с добавлением маленьких синтетических шариков или же микрокристаллического сахара. Следует помнить, что главная функция скраба заключается в эффективном отшелушивании. При этом такой пилинг должен быть максимально деликатным, чтобы не поранить нежную кожу губ и не нарушить микроциркуляцию крови. Экстракты кокоса или же василька будут отличными помощниками при пилинге.

Like other areas of the skin, the lips after peeling need special moisturizing and nourishment. The most effective are waxes with rose or jojoba oil, as well as a variety of essential oils.
Quite often the fair sex stand up before a difficult choice between lipstick or balm. Since hygienic lipstick is a cosmetic product, its main function is to soften and protect. The balsam has a slightly different properties. It perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and normalizes the structure of the lips, so it is rather a curative drug, and not a means of cosmetics.

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