Choosing an effective antiperspirant

Choosing an effective antiperspirant
Very often, a particularly intense sweating manifests itself in the area of ??the armpits. This problem becomes visible, so the use of antiperspirants will always be relevant. There are products available in the form of a stick, gel, cream, spray or roller antiperspirant. Some of them only "mask" unpleasant odors, while others – reduce sweating. If you do not want to wear sweat traces on the clothes, you should make the right choice of antiperspirant. Experts believe that the best antiperspirant is a product containing aluminum or zinc salts. These ingredients actually reduce the level of sweating by 40-50%. By the way, many manufacturers of modern antiperspirants use these components.

With a strong sweating, the use of spicy and spicy foods, as well as coffee and alcohol, can help. One of the best assistants will be a contrast shower.

Means that are based on hydrochlorides, have a soft effect on the skin and do not cause irritation. If people suffer from severe perspiration, the best option is an antiperspirant, which contains aluminum chloride. They are even considered curative. Aluminum salts penetrate deep into the sweat glands and form peculiar plugs there. As a result, the pores are blocked for several days.

Some experts are confident that as a result of the action of such antiperspirants, the skin is cleansed and harmful substances are emitted from the sweat channels. Also, these products are odorless. When choosing an antiperspirant, it is extremely important to take into account its composition, since poor-quality products can negatively affect your health. Scientists have proved that the ingestion of certain ingredients into the sweat glands can lead to the development of tumor diseases. That is why it is especially important to choose the right antiperspirant.

In the composition of a good antiperspirant there should be no perfumes and preservatives. Therefore, the packaging should be studied with particular attention. It is desirable that the antiperspirant contains predominantly natural ingredients that can prevent the spread of microbes and maintain the natural water balance of the skin. The skin of the armpits is very sensitive. So the best will be a remedy with a sufficient amount of glycerin.

Glycerin antiperspirants not only reduce sweating, but also soften and moisturize the skin.

In the modern market there is a large number of such funds from foreign and domestic producers. On TV, you can see a lot of commercials that are aimed at promoting a variety of cosmetic products. Often manufacturers promise that their antiperspirant will block sweating for several days. True, it is not known what processes will occur at this time in your body. Therefore, you need to be careful about advertised drugs that reduce sweating.

The most popular among consumers use sticks and gels. The first penetrate well into the skin and create a film effect on its surface. But sometimes these antiperspirants leave traces on clothes. As for gels, they have the same penetrating power, but unlike sticks, they leave absolutely no trace.

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