Choose a lens for the color of hair and skin

Choose a lens for the color of hair and skin
Color contact lenses are used to change the image, they make the eyes more vivid and expressive. To make the lenses ideally suited, when choosing them, you need to take into account the hair color and skin tone. Contact lenses are in great demand not only for people who have vision problems, but also for those who wish change color their eyes. Lenses have become a universal replacement for points, which is due to the many advantages in their use. If necessary, to choose colored contact lenses in order to change the appearance it is important to consider the hair color and skin tone of the person to whom they are intended.

Women's color type and color of lenses

The choice of colors is probably the most difficult task for women and girls who want to buy colored lenses. Despite the fact that this decision depends only on the buyer, nevertheless, for a useful purchase that solves existing problems with eyesight, and also changes the image of their owner, some recommendations should be taken into account.

For women belonging to the color-type "winter" or "summer", which are owners of the eyes of cool colors, natural skin color and light or dark with ash-colored hair, the lenses of warm shades, for example, light-brown, are best. Women of the color type "spring" or "autumn", in which the natural color of hair, you can stay on the cold tones of contact lenses.

If the girl brown eyes, she can safely buy lenses of green, blue or purple flowers. Blue-eyed people are well suited to gray and green contact lenses, with which you can successfully change your image. In cases where there is no desire to radically change their style, it is better to look at the tinted lenses that will only emphasize the natural color of the eyes, make them more vivid and expressive.

How to choose a lens for skin color?

The skin tone is an important factor in the process of making such purchases as colored contact lenses. If the woman's skin is light, she should pay attention to the gentle blue and light green shades, as well as lenses of the color of the sea. Girls with a swarthy skin can safely wear lenses of any bright colors, it is especially beautiful when the swarthy skin has purple or синие глаза.

For light skin with a delicate peach hue, which nature has bestowed on a few, these optical elements come in all colors and shades. Girls can emphasize the naturalness of their eyes, adding depth and expressiveness to them in colors such as silvery-gray or emerald green. You can also radically change the color of the eyes, giving preference to such shades of lenses as purple, ultramarine or chocolate.

A large selection of such modern optical elements enables women to have an irresistible appearance, boldly changing the color of their eyes. When choosing contact lenses, you should not be afraid of changes in your appearance, the main thing is to observe the rules for combining colors.

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