Chocolate Scrub

Chocolate Scrub
Chocolate is not only a favorite treat, it is also an amazing means for skin care. Representatives of the fair sex use it for the preparation of various home scrubs – they deeply cleanse the skin, moisturize and soften it. Moreover, chocolate has a toning and rejuvenating effect.

To prepare a universal scrub, suitable for all skin types, melt a piece of dark chocolate on a water bath of 1-2. In the mass obtained, add 1 st.l. shallow sea salt without preservatives and baking soda. Ready scrub in a circular motion, apply to the damp skin of the face, neck and decollete zone. After a few minutes, rinse the chocolate mass with warm water. Repeat the procedure is recommended once or twice a week. Chocolate scrub with salt and soda deeply cleanses pores, delicately removes dead cells and stimulates metabolic processes.

That to make a scrub for oily and combination skin, take 2-3 a piece of dark chocolate and melt in a water bath. Then dilute it with a small amount of boiled water, add 1 st.l. ground oatmeal and the same amount of flower honey. Composition put on the face massage movements. Wash with 3-5 minutes with cool water.

Увлажняющий шоколадный скраб идеально подойдет для ухода за сухой кожей. Он достаточно прост в изготовлении: размешайте 2-3 ст.л. растопленного шоколада с 1 ст.л. коричневого или белого сахара. Сладкую массу нанесите на влажную кожу и помассируйте в течение 5-7 минут. После чего умойтесь теплой водой.

Owners of fading and tired skin will approach a chocolate scrub with the following recipe. Grind orange peel in the coffee grinder. Mix 1 tbsp. obtained powder with 3 st.l. melted chocolate. Apply the mass in a circular motion to the damp clean skin and massage for 4-6 minutes.

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