Checked time: mask with burdock oil for hair

Checked time: mask with burdock oil for hair
Burdock oil is famous for its miraculous properties, which is why it has long been used to improve and maintain hair beauty. You can make a mask out of it at home without spending a lot of time and money.

Полезные свойства репейного масла обусловлены его богатым составом. Оно содержит минеральные вещества, различные витамины, дубильные вещества и инулин. Репейное масло способствует улучшению обменных процессов, кровообращения в коже головы, снимает зуд и раздражение, а также избавляет от такой проблемы, как перхоть. Если вы хотите придать волосам блеск, улучшить их рост и остановить выпадение, регулярно используйте маски с репейным маслом. Помните, что однократная процедура не способна дать желаемый результат и пользу.

Return the hair vital shine and strength will help the following mask: in a glass dish, mix 10 g of olive oil and jojoba. Then add 30 g preheated on a water bath of burdock oil. If desired, you can enrich the composition with several drops of vitamin E. Oil mixture evenly distribute through the hair. Cover your head with polyethylene and a warm kerchief. After an hour, rinse with clean water and shampoo.

To strengthen the hair, a mask consisting of 1 st.l. liquid honey, 4 st.l. warm burdock oil and 2 raw yolk. Stir the food thoroughly. The resulting homogeneous mass is applied to damp hair and rinse through 15 minutes with running water. Repeat the procedure is recommended several times a week.

Restore damaged hair will help a mask of fresh lemon juice, liquid honey and burdock oil. Components should be taken in equal parts. Place the container with the composition on a water bath and heat to a comfortable temperature. Warm the mask spread over the entire length of the hair and hold for 20 minutes. After two or three procedures you will notice that the curls are shiny, elastic and obedient.

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