Cavitation Reviews

Cavitation Reviews
When I learned about cavitation, I was very happy, and already imagined my beautiful body. But, alas, was disappointed. A very expensive procedure that does not bring any results. Again we are caught on advertising, and enjoy our great desire to become beautiful! Useless waste of huge money. I did 10 procedures – effect zero! Plus the skin after that has become some kind of rough! I do not advise anyone!

Кавитация многофункциональная процедура

Mikhailova Tamara

We all do not get older more beautiful, but I want to look decent. Girlfriends talked about such a procedure as cavitation, reviews read it all, and wanted to try it. Cavitation performed in conjunction with pressotherapy, and after the first procedure, she dropped 4 kg. I want to repeat the procedure after a while. And recently I learned that with the help of cavitation you can get rid of kidney stones. Is it true?

The effect is


Я регулярно занимаюсь спортом и правильно питаюсь, и, благодаря этому, у меня хорошая фигура. Но избавиться от целлюлита я не могу никакими путями! Совершенно случайно попала на раздачу скидочных купонов на кавитацию. Много слышала об этой процедуре ,но не верила, да и дорого это. А с хорошей скидкой – why would not? Has already done 3 procedures – the effect is. I am pleased. I will not dwell on this.

Cavitation from excess weight


Cavitation helps to get rid of excess fat deposits. Cavitation with ultrasound treats cellulite. Together with Cavitation, other procedures are jointly carried out to obtain a quick result. But the procedure for cavitation appeared quite recently and has not yet been fully studied. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to it with caution. With diabetes, diseases of the immune system, hepatitis, osteoporosis, cavitation is antiparked. Cavitation is very similar to liposuction.

My elastic pride is the result of cavitation


I wanted to achieve a result like the beauties of Rescuers Malibu – elastic buttocks, which are not ashamed to show on the beach. Yes, and the photoset was scheduled on the theme of rest on a wedding trip. Time was short, and I was advised to use a very effective procedure losing weight – Cavitation. Spent, of course, but the result was achieved for 5 procedures within a month. Photos turned out just super !.

Very expensive procedure

Кира Сомова

Я recovered after childbirth on 30, and doctors diagnose me with obesity. Diets do not help, and I could not use every diet, because I continued to breastfeed. And now she has transferred the baby to artificial feeding, and doctors advise to make a procedure called cavitation, which she did not find any feedback on. Carried out only one procedure, no significant results, but doctors say that once, it's very little. The procedure is expensive, but in the hope of a result, I will not stop.

How I lost weight by summer


Before the beach season this year decided to remove the extra centimeters from the waist and abdomen. Turned to the method of cavitation, so as not to torment yourself with debilitating diets, and in fitness to walk there is no time. Yes, it's expensive, but I achieved the desired result – minus 5 cm waist, бедра минус 6 см. Муж назвал меня королевой пляжа – это ли не лучшее доказательство действенности процедуры?!

Expensive but effective


The beautician advised me to try to get rid of the fat deposits on the hips and the area of ??the breeches by the method of cavitation – supposedly this is the same lipoxia, but without surgical intervention. Decided to try, despite the high cost. I needed 8 procedures to see significant improvements – the hip volume decreased by 4 cm each. Very satisfied. Spent almost 25000 r. plus cream and wraps other than cavitation.

How I removed the tummy


After childbirth remained tummy, which I was advised to remove by the method of non-surgical lipoxation – cavitation. The word at first seemed frightening, but when the doctor explained the physiology of the process, I still agreed. Has done 5 procedures with discount – there was only 15000 rub. The animal is no more! The effect, as promised, will be long – only once in six months to fix the result.

Cavitation for and against


Особенно после родов молодые мамы обеспокоены лишним весом и изменившейся не к лучшему фигурой. Что можно было бы посоветовать? Новое, модное решение проблемы ультрозвуковая липосакция или просто кавитация. К достоинствам можно отнести отсутствие хирургического вмешательства и соответственно никаких шрамов и обезболиваний. Процедура достаточно приятная. К отрицательным сторонам стоимость и эффект после процедуры достигается через неделю. Но при этом нужно пить много воды и не употреблять спиртное. Но красота требует жертв.Поэтому, тем, кто ценит красоту, готов терпеть ради нее не только физически, но и материально рекомендую попробовать кавитацию.

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