Causes of puffiness in the eyes

Causes of puffiness in the eyes
Eye swelling can be caused by a variety of factors – the natural process of aging, lack of sleep, wrong metabolism or the presence of diseases. This effect is largely a feeling of discomfort, but during menstruation and pregnancy, it is also a characteristic sign of changes taking place in the body.

Естественные причины отечности глаз

In some cases, puffiness in the eyes is unavoidable. First of all, this concerns hereditary predisposition and the beginning of the aging process. Each person has his own individual features and skin properties. Some people have perfect facial features, others suffer from the presence of so-called defects. Puffiness of the eyes is no exception. This feature can even be inherited from generation to generation.

The aging process of the skin is a natural and irreversible phenomenon that occurs in the life of every person. In youth, the skin is elastic and taut, but over time it becomes drier, there are sagging and wrinkles. Swelling of the eyes can be a simple manifestation of aging.

To prevent puffiness in the eyes, experts recommend every morning to wipe the skin with ice cubes from the infusion of calendula, chamomile or sage.

Remove the puffiness of the eyes, if it is a hereditary feature or the result of age-related skin fading, can be due to surgical intervention. Modern plastic surgery offers many options for eliminating this problem. Most methods are practically painless procedures with a minimum period of rehabilitation.

Как бороться с отечностью глаз

The appearance of oedematous eyes in some cases should alert. The fact is that such an effect can be a kind of signal about the conduct of a wrong way of life. The cause of skin changes are regular lack of sleep, eating harmful food, excessive amounts of fluid or the presence of addictions.

To prevent puffiness in the eyes, try to control food intake and fluid intake before bedtime. Especially it is necessary to refuse salty dishes, which provoke a feeling of thirst.

Причиной отечности глаз могут быть и единичные события в вашей жизни. Например, стрессы, депрессии, простудные заболевания или слезы.

If the puffiness of the eyes is caused by a malnutrition or a too active way of life, it is possible to prevent the appearance of "bags" only by observing the diet and changing the regime of the day. Healthy food and increased time for sleep are the main fighters with fatigue and any swelling.

Please note that the environment can also be harmful to the skin around the eyes. Puffiness may appear due to the hot climate, poor ventilation in the room where you sleep, and the wrong position of the body and face during sleep. Excessive use of cosmetics and moisturizing creams can also cause skin around the eyes.

Отечность глаз как симптом заболеваний

Most of the puffiness of the eyes indicates the presence of diseases of the liver, kidneys and thyroid gland. If such an effect becomes regular, and a bluish tinge of the eyelids additionally appears, visit the doctor as soon as possible. To eliminate puffiness, specialists prescribe, as a rule, special diuretics.

In some cases, puffiness in the eyes is caused by allergic reactions. You will not only have to identify the irritant, but also undergo a special course of treatment. If you are not prone to allergies, then the cause of puffiness of the eyes can be almost any cold disease – ARD, ARVI, conjunctivitis or runny nose.

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