Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss
Why do hair fall out? This question is asked to themselves by anyone who notices excessive hair loss. Is it necessary to sound an alarm or is it a normal manifestation?

Many people have experienced and know firsthand what hair loss is. But do not confuse the norm of the human body and the disease.

All human cells have a property to be renewed, and with hair. Some drop out, but in their place grow new. Normal hair loss is considered if a person falls within a hundred hairs per day. So, if you, having woken up in the morning saw a hair on your pillow 3-4, then this is not a reason for panic. If the hair gets out in bundles, and in the morning the whole pillow in your hair, you need to look for the cause of such a fall and eliminate it.

Causes of hair loss.

Unfortunately, but hair loss can be triggered not by one but several reasons. The worst thing in this situation is that the manifestation and symptomatology of them can be exactly the same.

Hair loss can be provoked by the person himself. The impact of a chemical wave, overheating with a hair dryer or long wearing pigtails in an African style – this has a bad effect on the hair.

Hereditary predisposition.

This factor affecting hair loss, unfortunately, can not be stopped, because baldness is inherent in the gene level.


During the menopause, the level of circulating estrogens responsible for the reproductive functions of the whole body is reduced in women. The skin on the head becomes excessively dry, and the structure of the hair changes, which in turn leads to their loss.

Postpartum period.

After birth, hair loss in women is explained by the fact that the hair follicles pass to the telogen phase in simple terms, loss. This is due to a sharp decrease and the normalization of a hormone, such as Extragenum. As a rule, during the year the hormonal background should be normalized.

Thyroid dysfunction.

The thyroid gland and its activity affect the synthesis of mitosis and protein, and that is why they have a huge impact on hair growth and their formation. The influence of the hormones that secrete the thyroid gland on the hair is most noticeable with their excess (hyperthyroidism) or deficiency (hypothyroidism).

Admission of hormonal drugs.

The use of hormonal drugs can cause hormonal failure in the body, which, in turn, affects the formation of follicles and the condition of the hairs as a whole.

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