Causes of hair loss and their solution

Causes of hair loss and their solution
The most common problem for women (and not only!) Is hair loss. Especially this issue comes up with the onset of cold weather. And like a mask special use, and use vitamins, and hair is still weakened. What is the reason?

Specialists identify several factors that adversely affect the health of hair:

  • Many problems in the human body are associated with a lack or excess of certain hormones. In the female body, the health and beauty of the hair is met by estrogen. At its shortage, the hair begins to drop noticeably, the growth slows down, the strands become darker. This usually occurs after long-term use of contraceptives, after the birth of the child or with the onset of menopause (in women of age). In the first case, carefully study the annotation to the drug, most likely your problem in the long-term use. Perhaps it's worth taking a break. In the case of the birth of a child and menopause, it is best to consult a specialist.
  • In addition, the health of hair can affect the use of antidepressants, diuretics or aspirin. With these drugs should also be more careful.
  • Frequent use of dyes for hair, chemical wave, curler, ironing, hair dryer, plaque, etc. also negatively affects the appearance and health of your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the use of various styling products. And in the cold seasons, apply a special thermal spray spray on your hair or wear headdresses.
  • Constant diets and stresses are badly reflected not only on the health of the hair, but also the whole organism as a whole. The main element that is necessary for hair growth is iron. Define its shortage will help a simple blood test. In the case of low hemoglobin in the diet should include dried apricots, almonds, sea kale, green beans, beef liver, plum.
  • Another negative factor is stress, lack of mobility, disturbance of sleep and nutrition. They cause dry hair, dandruff and subsequently loss. Make a daily routine and observe it: do sports, do not skip meals, go to bed on time.
  • Also, hair can become weak and brittle due to blood flow disorders. A good flow of blood delivers to the roots of hair the vitamins and minerals they need. In case of violation of this does not happen, and the hair gradually lose its force and begin to fall out. Massage can help in this. Do it regularly and limit the use of coffee and alcohol.


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