Causes of cracks on the heels

Causes of cracks on the heels
Many people face such an unpleasant phenomenon as cracks on the heels. Causes of cracks may be several, but in any case, this is a rather unpleasant aesthetic problem.

Cracks on the heels can be different: small or large, large or small. Very often from cracks on the heels arrows appear on pantyhose.

The simplest explanation for the occurrence of cracks is the absence of moisture. This occurs usually in summer or when changing the climate. It is better to lubricate the heels with creams, salt baths are no less useful. Another cause of cracks may be changes in the endocrine system. If, after using the cream, the condition does not improve and the cracks still appear, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. Maybe it's dermatitis.

main reasons cracks – this is incorrectly selected shoes, uncomfortable insole, high heel. Or shoes that can be too narrow, too wide, can cause cracks. It is necessary to eliminate this reason, choose the most suitable high-quality footwear.

Another reason for the cracks is the fungus. Fungus can come from anywhere: from the pool, from the beach, with slippers, from the gym. Here you should also consult a doctor, since home treatment can be ineffective.

Another reason for the cracks is the flat feet. In this case, you need to see a doctor who will correctly pick up insoles and orthopedic shoes for you. There are several reasons for the cracks on the heels: vitamin deficiency, a violation in the body. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor who will accurately diagnose and prescribe the right treatment.

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