Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes
Castor oil – this is truly a unique remedy, without which no girl can do without looking after her beauty. The range of application of this miracle oil is quite wide, but the most amazing results were noticed when using it to strengthen hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. In more detail I want to stay at the last. So how do you apply castor oil for your eyelashes to make them strong and long?


Action of castor oil

Castor oil is the best natural remedy to help make eyelashes healthy and thick. The mechanism of its effect on the eyelashes is quite simple:

  • Getting on hairs, it feeds them with useful substances. Ricinoleic acid plays a particularly important role here. Due to the fact that it irritates the nerve endings, the sleeping bulbs are activated, which is the reason for the increase in volume.Castor oil for eyelashes
  • After enveloping each eyelash, the oil gives it not only smoothness, but also protection from external factors. Thus, it becomes thicker and stronger.

How to use castor oil for eyelashes

The application of castor oil to the eyelashes is a fairly simple procedure, however, in order to achieve the maximum effect, one should adhere to a certain algorithm:

  1. To begin with, cleanse your face, removing makeup, either with a special tonic, or with plain water.
  2. On the prepared surface of the face, apply a lightly heated castor oil in a water bath so that it lies evenly and covers each cilium. To do this, you can use a cotton swab or a brush from the carcass. If the choice fell on the brush, then before the procedure begins, it should be thoroughly washed, removing the remains of the carcass, and dried. It is very important to do everything carefully and make sure that the oil does not get on the mucous eye.
  3. Leave eyelashes in this state should be at least 30 minutes, and preferably at 1-2 hours.

Using castor oil for eyelashes, do not forget about precautions. Before using, you need to know if it causes an allergy. To do this, it is enough to drop a small amount of oil on the skin and follow its reaction. If it does not show redness and irritation, you can safely use the product. Many for the best result ignore the recommendations and leave castor on eyelashes for the whole night. This should not be done in any case! No one will be enthralled by swollen eyes.

Thick and long eyelashes ceased to be an unfulfilled dream. Applying castor oil on eyelashes every day, after a month you can see significant changes for the better. Thus, you can return not only the beauty and health of eyelashes, but also self-confidence!

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