Care for problem skin

Care for problem skin
Problem skin of the face is characterized by increased fat separation and enlarged pores. Because of this, it quickly becomes dirty, inflammations and rashes occur. To prevent such an outcome, you should regularly take care of the problem skin. Care for problem skin provides regular cleansing from dirt and surplus sebum with the help of lotions and masks, as well as eliminating the effects of cutaneous inflammation. For this you can buy both ready-made cosmetics, and make them yourself. There are many proven recipes for homemade cosmetics to care for problem skin. The general rule of using any means: do not rinse with hot water so as not to activate the separation of fat and the reproduction of bacteria even more.

Herbal lotion for problem skin: 2 st. l. needles, 3 st. l. plantain, 1 st. l. flowers of chamomile and calendula. Pour a bottle of vodka and date to stand with a week. Store in a container of dark glass. Mint tonic: pour a tablespoon of peppermint into 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 20 min. Strain, pour on the st. l. Boric alcohol, lemon juice and marigold tincture. Grapefruit: Mix half the grapefruit juice with art. l. juice of lemon and vodka. Let stand 2 days. Acetic lotion: according to 10 g of vinegar and water, according to 5 drops of oil of geranium and tea tree. Let it brew 2 a week.

Problem skin occurs not only at a young age. Acne is recognized by doctors as a chronic disease, which can worsen in certain periods.

Lotion of wormwood: Art. l. wormwood on the station. boiling water. After half an hour, strain and pour ch. L. salt, pour st. l. vinegar. Tonic with green tea: firmly brew green tea and add lemon juice. For healing of skin inflammations, wipe your face with pure aloe juice. You can also prepare a lotion from the laurel. Pour 100 g leaves with a glass of boiling water, cook and allow to cool. This lotion can wipe the inflamed skin many times a day. If you do this on the basis of vodka, the effect will not be worse, but you can use it only a couple of times a week.

Masks for problem skin should have a tightening or cleansing effect, and promote healing. As a mask, it is possible to use sour-milk products, they prevent the reproduction of bacteria due to the creation of an acidic environment. For the same purpose, water is used with the addition of vinegar for washing. Oatmeal mask: st. l. soda, art. oatmeal. Chop the flakes in a blender. For 1 times, a tablespoon of a mixture that is slightly diluted with water is enough. After 10 min, remove with a damp cotton pad. The yolk mask has a tightening effect: whip the yolk and mix with st. l. of wine.

A more radical means in the fight for skin health is chemical peeling. This procedure is carried out in beauty salons. The effect lasts for several weeks due to the activity of chemicals.

Mask for narrowing the pores: tincture of calendula and st. l. talcum powder. Rinse off in 15 min. Mask from inflammation: gruel from dandelion leaves and egg white. Rinse off in 15 min. Mask from acne: gruel from leaves of coriander and mint with a teaspoon of zinc powder. Slightly dilute with water and apply to problem areas for 15 min. Matting Mint Mint: 1 Art. l. dry mint on the floor with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for half an hour, add oat flour until thick. Apply on face for 15 min.

Самостоятельно можно изготовить также скраб для проблемной кожи. Однако стоит помнить, что скрабами не пользуются чаще раза в неделю. Из овсянки: 3 ст. л. хлопьев измельчите, влейте молока и половину ст. л. меда. Интенсивно помассируйте лицо с этой массой в течение 10 мин, смойте. Творожный: перемелите 1 ч. л. риса, смешайте с 2 ст. л. творога и добавьте немного оливкового масла для смягчения. Смесь немного подогрейте и нанесите массирующими движениями. Кофейный: нужна в меру сухая кофейная гуща, в нее добавьте несколько капель кедрового масла. Помассируйте кожу лица с этой массой 5-10 мин.

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