Care for problem skin back

Care for problem skin back
Problem skin on the back often causes no less trouble than the imperfections of the face, especially during the period of wearing open clothes. To cleanse the skin, it needs competent care, first of all purification. Purification includes washing with antibacterial soap, shower gel or foam. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition – good results are given by means with tea tree oil, salicylic acid and triclosan.

Следующий шаг – отшелушивание кожи при помощи скрабов, применять их нужно 1-2 раза в неделю, по возможности при посещении бани или сауны. Скраб нельзя наносить на воспаленные участки, его функция – освободить закупорившиеся поры и отшелушить кожу.

After exfoliation, an anti-inflammatory antibacterial cream or lotion is applied to the skin. Also, funds are produced in the form of sprays, which are much more convenient to apply to the skin of the body.

The final procedure is the dot application of the remedy.
With the problem skin of the body, do not overuse the visit to the solarium and expose the skin to sunlight, as the temporary improvement is deceptive, and in the future problems can worsen.

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