Carbon powder: application rules, pros and cons of use

Carbon powder: application rules, pros and cons of use
A beautiful bronze tan is attractive at any time of the year. The ideal option – to find it, lying on the beach under the scorching sun. With a view of economy it is possible to pass a course of a sun deck, and for opponents of a ultraviolet cosmetic brands have thought up powder with effect of sunburn. Powder with the effect of sunburn is available in several shades. To the bronzer harmoniously looked on the face and did not go to red spots, choose a shade, focusing on your skin tone. Girls with pale skin of bluish shades who instead of sunburn in the sun quickly get burns, the brightest bronzers will do.

Owners of light beige skin with a yellowish or pink podton should choose bronzers of honey, beige and sand tints. Girls with a warm peach skin tone can use powder with the effect of medium tan, golden and brownish hues. And, finally, swarthy girls with olive skin color will approach a rich bronze or gold tan.

How to apply a powder with the effect of sunburn

Before applying any make-up, the skin needs to be prepared. With the help of scrub remove all dead cells and peeling. Thoroughly moisturize the face using a day cream. Apply tonal remedy, preliminarily disguising the shortcomings of the corrector. Well shade the boundaries.

To bronziruyuschaya powder does not lie on your face with dark spots, you must choose a suitable brush. It should not be too small or big. Choose a medium-sized brush with a pile in the shape of a cone. Type the powder on the brush, brush off the excess and lightly move the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. To a person does not look dark against the background of the rest of the body, do not forget to give the tan neck and decollete zone. Top with a thin layer of transparent matting powder.

For sculpting girls with an oval face, you need to apply a bronzer on the cheekbones in the form of triangles, whose acute angle is directed down the face, to the lips. Holders of an elongated face with a sharp chin – on the cheekbones in the form of horizontal rectangles. A round face brightens bronzer, put in the form of triangles with an acute angle, directed to the nose. And with a square face, the powder is applied with diamonds arranged diagonally.

Pros and cons of powder with the effect of sunburn

Bronzing powder allows you to quickly find a beautiful tint shade without harm to health. Also with her help you can correct the face oval: reduce the cheeks and nose, make the cheekbones and chin clearer. It is economically spent, because of what one package is enough for a long time.

The disadvantage of bronzing powder is that it emphasizes the slightest drawbacks on the face: pimples, peeling, wrinkles. If the shade is chosen incorrectly or the shading is poor, the bronzer looks unnatural and can seriously damage the makeup.

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