Can I wash my hair with a shower gel or a bath foam

Can I wash my hair with a shower gel or a bath foam
There are situations when you find out that the unexpectedly usual shampoo is over, but you need to wash your head urgently. How to overcome this situation?

Most shampoos for hair washing are created on the basis of lauryl sulphate. This is a very cheap washing base, which quickly and efficiently launches even multi-day dirt from the tanks. This base is remarkably foaming, but it damages the hair structure and scalp.

The composition of shower gels and bath foam is very similar to that of a conventional shampoo, which can be bought in many stores at an affordable price. Actually, the difference in some additives, which are usually at the end of the list of ingredients, and, therefore, are present in a vanishingly small amount. Moreover, shower gels and bath foam are also designed for a person, their PH is not higher than the same indicator of shampoos, and therefore one can conclude that nothing fundamentally changes if you wash your hair with a shower gel or foam for a bath. Actually, the manufacturers themselves recognized that there is no difference between these products, therefore they have long been producing products of the "many in 1" type. For example, popular are shower gels, which are also shampoos designed for men.

Helpful advice: also an alternative to shampoo can serve as a normal soap. It will wash the hair somewhat worse than shampoo, because the washing base of traditional soap is different, less aggressive (and, by the way, damages the skin and hair much less than lauryl sulfate). If you want to make a soap analogue of shampoo or shower gel, just tune the soap with a small grater, add water and get the resulting solution (it should not be too liquid) in a convenient jar.

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