Can I sunbathe after peeling face

Can I sunbathe after peeling face
For girls caring for their skin, the face peeling procedure is known not by hearsay. Carry out such facial care operation not only in the cold seasons, but also in the summer. That is why the question arises – can I sunbathe after face peeling, and what conditions should be observed with such a tan.

What you need to know about peeling

Sunburn after face peeling can actually be very dangerous. This procedure is a kind of stress for the skin, and especially this refers to the skin of the face, since it is here that it is the most delicate and tender. After peeling, relaxed skin, getting under the sun, can easily get burns. Many facial care, including peeling, it is desirable to still hold in the cold season, then the skin of the face will have time to move away from stress. However, there are a number of cases where facial peeling takes place in the summer or in its vestibule. The danger of sunburn after face peeling, of course, exists. But many girls still want to get a beautiful tan. That is why there are some conditions in which tanning after face peeling will carry the least danger.

Another interesting fact is that when peeling a face, some of the melanin is removed. Therefore, such a skin will be much harder to tan and the time for obtaining a beautiful tanned color will have to spend a lot. This opinion has existed for a long time and everywhere. Many women's magazines, magazines and newspapers publish Article about the danger of sunburn after peeling. But do not forget that the skin of different girls is different. It follows that contra-indications do not apply to everyone. Do not sunbathe after peeling in the sun only red-haired girls and blondes with blue eyes and a light pink tint of skin.

Benefits of sunburn after face peeling

1. After peeling the face, the tan rests on the skin more evenly.

2. An excellent advantage of tanning after face peeling is that it does not wash off long enough and retains its beauty for a long time.

3. When using moisturizing cream, a girl can prolong the durability of her tan.

Recommendations for sunburn after face peeling

Sunbathing on the beach after peeling the face you do not immediately. After the procedure should pass from 24 to 48 hours. During this period, you need to visit the sun, because then the effectiveness of sunburn will begin to decline.

Experts recommend to perform the face peeling procedure in front of the resort one or two days before departure.

Many girls, instead of lying on the beach for several hours, use self-tanning. In this case, face peeling will also help. After all, on the skin after peeling, the milk will lie more evenly.

Tanning after peeling, do not forget about protective creams. This will eliminate the risk of sunburn. The choice should be stopped on creams that have been dermatologically tested. The ideal factor for sun protection is 25-50. You can reduce the protection gradually. But in any case, it must be at least SFP25.

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