Can I restore the oval face without surgery

Can I restore the oval face without surgery
The problem of the floated face oval is not always solved by the operational way. To achieve the desired effect can help special methods of modern cosmetology, which are useful and completely safe.

Подтянуть овал лица безоперационным методом и без особых усилий способны помочь сеансы миостимуляции, которые можно получить в клиниках cosmetology и пластической хирургии. Данный вид аппаратной косметологии предусматривает использование особых импульсных токов, восстанавливающих овал лица и делающих упругим подбородок. Необходимый эффект от такой процедуры наступает примерно через 10 сеансов и держится в течение 3 месяцев.

Another effective method of correcting the face oval is microcurrent therapy, which consists in applying weak pulsed discharges of electric current. Microcurrents stimulate the cellular metabolism under the skin and improve the blood circulation, which stabilizes the skin condition and leads to tonus of the facial muscles, removes stagnant fluids. Thanks to this, the necessary effect of face lifting with the formation of its beautiful oval is achieved. Microcurrent therapy is also conducted by courses that provide a lasting effect of the procedure.

A variety of cosmetic products also help to create a lifting effect. Such a face lifting can be deep and shallow. In the case of deep lifting, the effect is achieved through frequent application of the appropriate cosmetic agent for a certain time (from 3 months or more). With the surface method, thin films are created on the surface of the face, which helps tighten the skin and form a correct face oval.

Созданию идеального овала лица способствует и лимфодренаж – процедура очищения лимфы, предотвращающая застои в лимфатических узлах на лице и на шее. Аппаратный и ручной лимфодренаж лица представляет собой прекрасное средство для устранения мешков под глазами, отеков и swollen persons who lead to a violation of the shape of the face.

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