Can I lose weight with green coffee?

Can I lose weight with green coffee?
Now green coffee is very actively promoted, which, supposedly, helps to realize the cherished dream of many – to lose weight. But is it really true? How effective is green coffee in terms of combating obesity.

Excess weight is not considered a disease, so marketers are so successful in selling various products for weight loss. Many people who want to lose weight expect a miracle, so they buy special pills, supplements and various drinks, which, in their opinion, will help to lose weight.


Sellers are convinced that green coffee has a miraculous effect on the body, helps to lose weight. However, experts believe that use coffee for the figure is greatly exaggerated. Yes, of course, green coffee is a completely natural product, but it does not contain substances that contribute to fat burning.

Green coffee removes excess fluid from the body, which causes weight gain. And coffee also satisfies the feeling of hunger, which is especially important for those who lose weight.


From all this, we can conclude that from green coffee, still there is some benefit in losing weight. However, placing high hopes on this product is absolutely pointless and useless. After all, if you drink green coffee and seize it donuts, then never lose weight. Do not ignore physical activity, as well as proper nutrition. No coffee, including green, will help to achieve harmony and lightness, if there is no concept of the basic principles of losing weight.


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