California highlights

California highlights
California melioration is a special technology of hair dyeing, in which a smooth transition of color from the dark (at the roots) to the light (at the tips) is created.

Dyeing technology

California melioration is a new kind of hair dyeing. To achieve the desired effect, the master selects several shades of the same color, applying them to the locks with wide horizontal stripes. At the roots, the hair is darkened artificially or the natural color is left if it is dark-blond, chestnut or black. The more shades the master uses to create the Californian melioration, the more spectacular it will be.

California melioration is most often done without the help of foil. It is not used consciously, so that shades are mixed at the joints, creating a smooth transition. In addition, in the open air colors are more blurred, the coloring looks very natural.

Californian highlighting makes the hairstyle very voluminous and stylish. It can be done for long or medium hair. On too short ringlets melirovanie looks not so effectively.

One of the varieties of Californian melioration, which has gained immense popularity recently – painting "Ombre". Performing it, the master creates a sharper transition from dark to light. This effect helps to make the hairstyle visually more lush, emphasize the color of the eyes, etc.

California meling at home. What you need to know

California highlights are enough complex coloring, in which you need to know the principles of the arrangement of colors. If you decide to make it at home, you will need at least four shades of paint. For example, from dark-haired to light-haired, with intermediate tones. Please note that the colors should be in the same scale – cold or warm. Otherwise, a smooth transition will not work.

Begins applying the paint from the darkest shade. How much should be the width of the band – it's up to you. Usually the dark part of the Californian melioration is rather narrow, the main color is light.

If the house is cool, after staining, put a thin cellophane cap on your head. The dye composition begins to operate at a temperature of at least 22 ° C.

Gently put a dark dye on the roots of the hair. Then make a strip of lighter paint. And so on to the tips. Paint hold on your hair for as long as it takes to apply the last composition. Remember that if the hair is very dark, they can become brighter up to a maximum of two shades. If you want to to be blond – will have to perform the procedure for discoloration of the curls in advance.

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