Brush for deep cleansing of the face: the pros and cons of using

Brush for deep cleansing of the face: the pros and cons of using
Deep cleansing of the facial skin removes black dots and prevents their appearance in the future. With such cleaning, exfoliation of the dead skin particles occurs, it is renewed and slowly aging. Deep skin cleansing is done both in the spa and in the home conditions. At home at deep cleaning special adaptations, in particular, brushes are used.

Types of brushes for deep cleansing of the face

There are three types of face brushes: ultrasonic, electric and conventional brushes.

The first work due to vibration. They accelerate the metabolism and restore the skin.

Electric brushes have a nylon bristle that purifies the pores due to circular motions. Such brushes have a waterproof case and several high-speed modes.

Common brushes are often made of soft natural bristles. The strength of the impact depends entirely on the person doing the cleaning. This version of brushes is the cheapest and almost in no way inferior to electric and ultrasonic.

Pros of using brushes for deep cleansing of the face

Brushes have a lot of advantages in their use.

1. The use of brushes allows deep cleaning of the pores of the skin, which can not be done with the hands, even with the use of special tools.

2. There is a massage of the skin, blood circulation is normalized, and, consequently, regeneration.

3. With the help of brushes, make-up can be removed. The effectiveness of removing makeup is approximated by 80% better than when removing it by hand.

4. Owners of oily skin brushes help get rid of shine. For this, the cleaning should be done twice a day.

5. The skin begins to show greater sensitivity to cosmetic products, and, therefore, their effect is enhanced.

6. After a long use of brushes, the skin tone is leveled, and fine wrinkles disappear.

Cons of using brushes

Despite a number of undeniable advantages, the use of brushes in cleaning the face has a number of drawbacks.

1. Cleaning of the skin with the help of brushes is contraindicated to the owners of dry skin. Brushes can cause damage and micro-scratching on the skin.

2. It is also worth not to use brushes if the skin contains herpes and neoplasms (warts and papillomas). Even minor damage can increase their growth and lead to the destruction of large areas of the skin of the face.

3. With a capillary grid close to the surface of the skin, the use of brushes can cause gap and the appearance of bruises.

4. With improper selection of bristles and pressing force, stretching of the skin is possible. Most often this happens when using electric brushes.

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