Breast lift

Breast lift
Many women are unhappy with their breasts. Most often, these are simple prejudices. But there are cases when there are indeed aesthetic problems and without surgery to lift the breast can not do. What is this procedure and what kinds of it exist.

It's no secret that in our time very many men, talking about women's beauty, pay close attention to her breasts. If you have a firm, tight, high chest, then most likely the cavaliers and admirers do not give you a pass. But what to do women who after giving birth and breastfeeding, with age or simply as a result of being overweight can not boast of a beautiful breast? The output is simple – breast lift, or mastopexy.

This operation will allow you

  • Have a high and elastic breasts.
  • Decrease the size aureole.
  • Change the size, contours and shape of the breasts.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

Before the operations, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the whole organism to make sure that you are completely healthy, since the operation is not dangerous, but with a general illness of the body it can give undesirable complications. In case you have bad habits – smoking or alcohol, then several weeks before and after the operation they should be stopped, as they can slow the healing process of postoperative wounds. The operation itself is performed under anesthesia with local infiltration anesthesia.

There are several ways of tightening the chest, which usually depend on the degree of ptosis and the size of the implants

– Periareolar or sickle-shaped method – incision of crescent shape is carried out only over the areola and is the least noticeable. It is indicated for women with small breasts or slight omission.

– Vertical – the incision is made from the areola and to the crease under the mammary gland. This operation is more complicated, but it gives the most pronounced results, and therefore is suitable for women with an average breast size.

– Antenna or T-shaped – with this method an additional incision is made under the mammary gland, which resembles an anchor in shape. This is the most invasive intervention, but it makes it possible to do a suspender with the maximum omission.

The total duration of the operation is about 2-3 hours. After that, for a month it is necessary to wear special underwear with compression action. Pain sensations will disappear within a week. In this case, breast-feeding remains possible, since the glandular tissue is not damaged. The results of the operation will be visible in a few months, and you can enjoy a new beautiful breasts that will not only emphasize your personality, but will also help feel like a full-fledged woman again.

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