Breast creams and other ways to maintain a bust in the form of

Breast creams and other ways to maintain a bust in the form of
The breast loses its elasticity not only with age or after childbirth. Unfortunately, a bust can change its shape even in a twenty-year-old girl. Save the beauty of the breast can be not only through surgical intervention, but also using complex care. The reasons for lowering the tone of the breast can be a lot. This happens both from a sharp decrease in weight, and after feeding the baby, and as a result of lowering the level of fluid in the body. Loss of shape occurs even not because of lethargic muscles, but because of the relaxation of the skin.


Begin restorative procedures with the most customary way of skin care. Get a cream with at least one of such substances as vitamins A and E, multivitamins, collagen, seaweed extract, polysaccharides, wheat germ oil, peptides or chamomile extract. Apply daily after washing. Be careful when choosing makeup for your chest. Buy funds only from well-established manufacturers. Some unscrupulous firms use the hormone estrogen in the production of products, which in high concentrations leads to the formation of cancer cells.

Water will come to the rescue

Strengthen the action of cosmetics can be through water procedures. Do not neglect the contrast shower. This is one of the most effective methods of affecting the weakened skin. You will be helped by water massage, performed in a circular motion with a strong pressure. An alternative to a contrasting soul can be wiping out pieces of ice, alternating with warm compresses from a damp cloth. This way will well strengthen the skin, especially if you make ice from a decoction of chamomile. Do not refuse and from the classical massage. Take into account only the nuance that it is necessary to influence the mammary glands accurately. Do not press or squeeze the chest. Using olive oil gently massage the bust in circular motions, moving from the sides to the center and from the bottom to the neck.


In a complex with cosmetics and massage, it is desirable to constantly engage in supporting gymnastics. Use dumbells or weights. Do with them the usual dilution of hands to the sides and up. Alternate them with movements diagonally. Well trained muscles of the chest push up from the floor or doorway. Try to perform such exercises at least 4 once a week.

To prevent loss of chest tone, get a few high-quality bras. Make sure the straps are wide enough and tight. And the breast itself should be gently supported by cups. Carefully choose the size and volume. First of all, the bra should hold the chest, and only then create an aesthetic effect. For intensive sports exercises should be special underwear. It is the most reliable.

If you find home care ineffective, consult the services of specialists in beauty salons. They use popular wraps from pull-up components. In addition, in the salon you will be offered a large number of masks, many of which have the property of express-lifting.

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