Brazilian bikini – smooth skin in any swimsuit

Brazilian bikini - smooth skin in any swimsuit
Carnivals are an integral part of life in Brazil. Dancers perform in very frank clothes, so the vegetation on the whole body is mercilessly removed. Imitating them, the residents of this country closely monitor the smoothness of the skin and the lack of hair, including in the most intimate places. Knowingly it was the Brazilian bikini that became the standard of epilation. A big role in the spread of fashion to a deep bikini was played by J's sisters from Brazil, who opened the first salon in the USA in 1987, where hair was removed with hot wax. Brazilian bikini – is the removal of hairs that go beyond the panties, and the creation of an intimate haircut. In some cases, a complete epilation of the perineal region is contemplated, including in the interannual fold. A classic bikini is a thin strip on the pubis. For those who like shocking or wants to surprise their partner, it is supposed to create a pattern by stencil or sketch, the shape of which is corrected with tweezers and scissors. If desired, the hairs are tinted, and the pattern is supplemented with sequins and rhinestones.


Most often, hair removal with hot wax is done without anesthesia – it all depends on the skill of the beautician and the sensitivity of the woman. If you do not want to suffer the pain, you can use a spray or ointment based on lidocaine, inject a local anesthetic under your skin, or take inside for 20 minutes before the procedure a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. If an injection method is chosen, no more than one ampoule of lidocaine is used per entire crotch area. When using an ointment or a spray, an occlusive dressing is required, in the role of which the food film most often appears.

Procedure Procedure

After anesthesia, the skin is rubbed with lotion and applied with talc or a special powder. It is necessary that the wax does not stick to the surface of the skin and does not burn it. Then, using a spatula, the wax, heated to the desired temperature, is applied in the direction of hair growth. By heating the skin, it expands the pores, which facilitates hair removal along with the root. After cooling, the wax is lifted off with a sharp movement against the growth of the hair. As a result, all hairs in this zone are removed. The appearance of small droplets of blood. At the end of the procedure, a regenerating and cooling gel is applied to the skin. The effect lasts up to 6 weeks.

Skin care after epilation

1. During the first week, do not wear synthetic underwear, including swimwear;
2. Do not visit the solarium and do not sunbathe to avoid the appearance of pigmentation and irritation;
3. Do not rub the skin and do not use in this area scrubs and hard wool, as well as aggressive detergents;
4. Do not repeat the procedure earlier than a month. Grow hairs in time to remove the cream to depilate.


1. Rashes and skin lesions;
2. Heat;
3. Hair is too short;
4. Intolerance to anesthetic – requires the correct selection of a remedy to avoid an acute allergic reaction.

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