Brand Introduction : Mustaev Makeup Brushes


To be honest, i’ve never actually used any Korean professional makeup brushes, I’ve not even tried the ones for the mass market such as Etude House, BanilaCo etc – so today i am excited to introduce this professional make-up brand Mustaev.

Wishtrend is proud to launch a new professional Korean make-up artist brand called MUSTAEVMustaev ( MUST HAVE ) is used by professional makeup artists such as  Ko Won-hye who has worked as a makeup artist for 20 years and have worked with famous Korean celebrities such as Bae Doona, Lee Hyo Ri, Kong Hyo Jin, etc. At the moment, Wishtrend will be selling their make-up brushes ( which they are most known for! ) and their eye shadows and hopefully their inventory will expand on our site as they also do offer other makeup items such as foundations, blushers etc.



Question 1 :

Why Must I Use A Brush ? Can’t I Just Use My Own Bare Hands ?


Yes, you can use your own bare hands but you will never achieve that flawless finish that a make-up brush will offer. Makeup brushes gives you a more finished look than you can by using your own hands. They are the one thing that ‘makes or break’ a makeup look.


Here is a comparison between applying your foundation / BB Cream using your finger, brush and sponge :




Do you see how using a brush makes all the difference ? It applies your foundation evenly, more precise and can reach areas where your fingers will not be able to reach.


Using a brush doesn’t also makes it more convenient – you don’t have to dirty your hands and wash it later on. Using a foundation brush may be a little more time consuming than your fingers, but the time saved on washing your hands and drying them later on can be used on giving you a flawless look instead!



Question 2 :

Why Must I Spend $25 On A Brush ?


Like everything else, brushes are graded also on their quality. Mustaev brushes are priced on an average $20USD ( which is considered mid-ranged ) and are made of absolute quality that rivals top-tier makeup brands with the same quality control standards and the best materials. Value for money!


Unlike make-up items, makeup brushes last FOREVER ( decades! ) therefore it is considered a good investment as you can keep them for more than 10 years, compared to a makeup product that will be used up in 2-3 months! A good make-up brush doesn’t shed as easily as a low quality one!


Every Mustaev brush comes with a head protector, and trust me, for someone who has a collection of over 50 brushes – only the premium brands like Tom Ford provides a free brush head protector. Why do brushes need a head protector? I find them absolutely important. They prevent mixing with other brushes, they also protect the brushes from the environment, pollution, bacteria and most importantly, they help maintain the shape of the brushes too!



Question 3 :

Why Must I Purchase Mustaev Brushes ?






No, you don’t have to, but it will be a smart choice! For something that is on par with the quality of top makeup brushes like Bobbi Brown, MAC – the Mustaev brushes are reasonably priced. Most makeup brushes are generally hand made , and for a single Mustaev brush, they go through 32 processes and goes through 7 quality control management programs that guarantees consistent, high quality brushes. This is how much Mustaev invests in ensuring the absolute quality of each brush.


Not only that, these brushes go through a medical standard anti bacterial evaluation at the final step of production. They also undergo extra caution during the hairdressing process to prevent irritation of the skin. They are also densely packed  with hair. Lower quality brushes generally have less hairs to cut down on the costs.


Mustaev brushes does not use adhesives ! Ad
hesives are usually used on makeup brushes to shape the brush, however they can be the source of bacteria in high temperature and humid areas.
The hairs on the Mustaev makeup brushes are made of high quality wool ( natural bristles ) and techron ( synthetic bristles ).



Question 4 :

How Do I Care For My Mustaev Makeup Brushes ?




There are two types of cleansing methods to take care of your Mustaev Brushes


  •  Deep Cleansing


This one can be done at least once a week as it a lengthy process




1. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water.

2. Pump the MUSTAEV Brush Cleaner Shampoo on your wet palms

3. Carefully clean bristles with the foam.

4. Rinse with tepid water and drain thoroughly on towels.

5. Place the brush on the flat surface, or dry the brush, bristles down in the air.



  • Quick Cleansing


This is the quick and convenient method for those who don’t have time to thoroughly clean their brushes. Can be used for daily use.




* Spray the MUSTAEV Brush Cleaner Spray Quick Dry 2-4 times

* Brush a clean paper towel/tissue/cloth a few times

* Dry for a few minutes

* Recommended: Use the MUSTAEV Brush Cleaner Shampoo for deep cleansing once a week






Let’s take a look at the MUSTAEV brushes that are absolutely MUST HAVE available on Wishtrend. Click on the photos to find out detailed information on the corresponding brush :



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  1. I really want the new MULE artist curve brush for concealing around the eye area , is it on Gmarket or any other user friendly site?

  2. This brand seems interesting, but Im kinda bummed out that they dont sell it as a set it would be more affordable that way. But at least good thing that they do ship to Europe, I might consider getting some brushes

  3. hey helz!

    yes, they are going to be selling it in a set soon! I like that they do offer free shipping. None of the online korean retail sites offer that.

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