Bodyflex: useful exercises for facial muscles

Bodyflex: useful exercises for facial muscles
The author of the respiratory gymnast bodyflex is American Greer Childress. She not only developed a complex that helps to bring the figure to tone, but also created exercises for the face. This form of bodyfresh Greer called a faceflex. She argues that regular work on the facial muscles will save an attractive appearance for a long time. The great plus of bodeflex for the face is that the complex includes only two exercises. Therefore, there are no special difficulties during training, and time is spent a little, which is very important for busy women. Based work during the implementation of the complex falls on the neck and facial muscles. These exercises are recommended to do to ladies of any age, but the sooner they start, the better the result will be in the future.

The elasticity of the skin directly depends on how much oxygen enters the blood. Therefore, doing exercises of respiratory gymnastics at home, you can solve the problem of oxygen saturation, as the basis for doing bodyflex is deep breathing.

Proper breathing needs to be learned. To do this, you need to stand up, legs are slightly apart, hands along the trunk. Exhale, take a deep breath, make an exhalation through the mouth, maximally draw in the belly. Then hold your breath for 5-10 seconds, exhale.

During the delay of breathing, you need to massage your face. To do this, there are active points, the main impact should be on them. Such points are located just above the eyebrows and between them, as well as on the forehead, at the bottom of the chin. Press on these areas need small pads of fingers slightly, but noticeably.

After such a massage, you can proceed to the facial bodyflex. Do two exercises: "Ugly grimace" and "Lion".

Exercises bodyflex for the face is recommended to do at least once in 7 days.

The first exercise, which is called "Lion", is aimed at improving the appearance of the neck, reducing the cheeks and skin rejuvenation. The starting position – the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders and bent at the knees, the body is slightly tilted forward, the palms rest against the legs, the back is rounded. It is better to sit in front of a mirror to observe the correctness of the execution of the complex. Now you need to do the breathing exercise described above, and on breathing delay perform the gymnastics for the face. To do this, you need to stick your tongue out, squeeze it with your lips and reach the chin with your tip. Eyes at this time to raise, the lower eyelids also tend to the ceiling. This will help the muscles under the eyes to tighten. In this position it is necessary to fix, and without breathing. Stand as long as possible, repeat 5 times.

Regular exercise bodyflex for the face and proper skin care, will preserve the blossoming appearance for many years.

To perform the second exercise you need to take the initial position – the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders and bent at the knees, the body is slightly tilted forward, the palms rest against the legs, the buttocks are laid back. Now do a breathing exercise. At the delay of breathing, draw in the stomach and straighten. Hands pull back, shoulders to drag down. Head up with your chin and aim at the ceiling. Lips lay down with a tube and make movement, as if you are going to kiss the sky. In this position, the muscles of the neck and cheeks will strain. When performing, ensure that the shoulders do not go up, and the head, on the contrary, aspires to the ceiling. Exercise repeat 5 again with a delayed breathing on 8 accounts.
With the correct and regular execution of the exercise "Ugly grimace" it will be possible to restore the neck muscles tone, and also get rid of the second chin. This is especially true for people with excess weight.

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