Body wraps with algae

Body wraps with algae
Seaweed is quite actively used in body wraps. Extracts of fucus and kelp can be bought at the pharmacy. They are bred with water. You can also find whole dry algae sheets that are soaked in warm water before use. In both cases, algae saturate the skin with iodine and valuable minerals. how делать обертывание с водорослями

Для такого вида обертывании понадобятся сами водоросли, пищевая пленка и шерстяная ткань или одеяло. Подогретые водоросли нанести на области, где необходимо уменьшение объема (живот, ягодицы, бедра). Сверху нужно плотно намотать пищевую пленку и шерстяную ткань (либо укрыться одеялом). Создается «эффект сауны» и лишняя вода из клеток выводится активнее. Именно на этом, главным образом, и основан эффект losing weight. In addition, algae have a pulling effect on the skin, make the skin supple and elastic.

Algae and clay

The effect of weight loss from wrapping with algae can be enhanced if you mix the dry extract of algae with dry blue clay in equal proportions. The resulting mixture should be diluted with warm water to the consistency of liquid sour cream and applied to problem areas. Clay has the ability to draw from the tissues of excess moisture, as well as saturates the skin with minerals and trace elements.

Wrapping slimming with algae you need courses on 12-14 procedures. The duration of one procedure is from 30 to 60 minutes.

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