Body scrubs at home

Body scrubs at home
Any woman who crosses the threshold of adulthood, begins to think about how to keep her youth, ruddy and smooth complexion, an ideal and soft to the touch body. We can visit expensive beauty salons and not think about what can be applied to return the skin elasticity and smoothness. But there is another way to keep the youth of the skin – it's to prepare a scrub in your home, from which the effect will not be worse than in the beauty salon.

It is not necessary to explain that it is due to the action of solid granules on the skin of the body that it is possible to improve its condition. This is due to the fact that the components of scrubs gently affect the dead skin particles and remove them, which can not be done during a simple flushing of the dirt. Peeling perfectly copes with dead cells and allows the skin to breathe better, it also affects the flow of blood to the sites of scrubbing. The most important condition for any cleaning is its permanence.

To cleanse your skin, there is no need to purchase expensive products, which also may not give a positive result. It is best to prepare a scrub in Home conditions yourself. In this case, the person will know exactly the composition of the remedy and not be afraid of chemistry and allergy.

The most popular scrub at the moment is recognized Sea salt scrub with essential oils or honey. The first ingredient will be a peeling foundation, and the second will give the opportunity to apply it on the body and moisturize. The proportions can be equal, because it does not matter. It is important only that after the procedure, a lotion or body cream is applied, which will nourish clean skin.

Another scrub received its recognition for the incredible flavor – scrub peel of mandarin or orange. It helps not only improve the skin condition, but also lifts the mood due to natural essential oils. To prepare the scrub you need to dry the crust, grind them into flour and use, diluting a bit with water.

Кроме всего прочего, уже давно применяется coffee scrub. Это не означает, что придётся переводить любимый напиток на свое тело. Кофе нужно использовать только заварной, а складывать в баночку для скраба после того, как он уже будет выпит, т. е. саму гущу. Ее можно разбавлять водой и использовать для очищения кожи. Этот вид скраба самый эффективный, т.к. кофе отлично помогает в таких вопросах. Используя один из этих скрабов, удастся получить великолепный результат за невысокую стоимость.

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